Friday, 14 January 2011

Scarlett Johansson in Moët & Chandon 2011 Ad Campaign

Scarlett Johansson appears in these new ads by Moët & Chandon looking absolutely fabulous. I'm not too fond of the photo montage- each picture looks phenomenal on its own- but don't like it all clumped together like that- a bit scary i think!

However, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics below- it is so glamourous, completely at her best. I love her new hair, she is totally working it. The one with her on the ladder is just superb and if you watch the video on the Moet website which I'll try to upload, she just makes you smile- so sweet!

UPDATE: I am so happy there is more~ found on the Moet website from their PR campaign section. 

Click through for more below (BONUS GIFS AFTER THE JUMP)~


  1. Scarlett is so beautiful, it is unbelievable!

  2. And also in answer to your question, Alexander Calder seemed to be all over Barcelona, they like him a lot in Spain. I saw his work in the Joan Miro Foundation and also MACBA, the Museum of Contemporary art. I hope you have a great time when you go, it really is an amazing city!

  3. she looks so glamorous and good in these pics. i'll be posting all the ads soon!


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