Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Notebook DVD Film Review

I have heard great things about this film but was never into mushy romantic dramas; I guess what made me change my mind was the fact that this movie stars Rachel McAdams whom I'm growing to really like!

The cover of the DVD features the kissing scene in the rain which has become a well known picture- sensual and romantic, this picture sums up the passionate love between the two characters in the movie.

One Summer, local boy Noah (Ryan Gosling) meets rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) who he falls madly in love with. Unfortunately, she is only staying for the Summer and will be studying far away in New York. Their romance is met with disapproval from Allie's parents, who think Noah is a bad influence and that their daughter should be with a wealthy high class gentlemen. 

Allie's Summer is cut short and leaves before getting to say goodbye to Noah. After years of waiting, Allie moves on to be engaged with Lon (James Marsden), whilst Noah accomplishes his dream of building his dream home. Upon seeing a picture of Noah in the paper, Allie returns to the small town where she met her first love, only to find that she still loves him, but who will she choose?

Told through the perspective of a story being retold, you are captured into this world of supposed make believe, drawn to this broken yet passionate love. As the film progresses, you soon realise what is happening and a deeper romance and a deeper sign of true love is revealed which makes this movie so much more than it first appears to be.

You are taken through a roller coaster ride of a romance along this movie- their fun times make you laugh, their fights and trials make you sad/angry and their love is sensual and passionate. The movie almost woos you to like it through this raw and honest portrayal of two lovers.

The themes of social class conflicts with the passions of Allie and Noah's love, exploring the challenges of meeting the standards of society and the repercussions if their two worlds were to merge. What is most moving is that despite all their trials, their love holds them together and that is what's true to them, all the way through to the very end. The ending is rather sad, but it is the best ending that could've been for this movie, so it did not disappoint at all!

Rachel McAdams- Allie
Ryan Gosling- Noah

Also stars Gena Rowlands, James Garner, James Marsden and Joan Allen. 

Rachel McAdams is stunning as Allie- her emotions are ranged and genuine. This film has propelled her to great heights and she continues to shine in her current movies. Seeing her in this now, she has shown immense potential at dramatic and serious roles, as well as humorous light hearted ones and she is one to watch out for.
Ryan Gosling looked great in this but didn't really shine for me- could've been any other male actor of his age to be honest... his chemistry with McAdams was believable.

Whilst I wouldn't call it the "most romantic movie since Titanic" as advertised on the DVD, it has an extremely strong plot, deepened by the parallel story. The themes come through in a stylish and sexy way, enticing you into this passionate and true love and how pure their love is. Absolutely fantastic and a few scenes will be tear jerking! Be warned!

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