Sunday, 30 January 2011

My Paintballing Experience

I went paintballing yesterday with my friends- it was my first time so wasn't sure what to expect, but overall it was really fun (tiring, but fun)! There was about ten of us so we were paired with another group. In total we probably had 30-50 in each game.

You get kitted out with a helmet and this black jumpsuit (to protect your clothes)- it was actually quite spacious and comfortable! You can also get optional armour/chest plate pads. Once you're all kitted up, you're given a gun and good to go. 

Each game lasts around twenty minutes and they have a range of themed "arenas" and objectives. One of my favourites was the one with the boat where the aim was to put a bomb inside or protect the ship was being "bombed" depending on which side you were on. Each game had two rounds, so you had a go at doing both attacking and defending.

Most of the games you only had one life, so if you got shot you had to go to a "dead zone". I didn't really like this as I am not a skilled player and if I didn't hide, I'd pretty much get shot instantly, so the ones with rolling respawns was perhaps better for a noob like me. 

The best themed area was the one with the church and the metal gravestones- so dark inside and just really tense. This was the round where I shot two people in the back. I think i must have fired like 10 paint balls at them cos I just wasn't sure if I hit them LOL. . . I was totally trigger happy. Which meant I ran out of paint balls pretty quickly. Despite getting 100 free ones per head in each group, you are almost guaranteed to have to buy them and they aren't cheap. We got a box of 2000 for i think £120! 

Apart from paint balls, you can also buy gun upgrades and pyrotechnics (grenades, smoke bombs etc) which I'm sure would make the game so much more fun, but almost certainly make you so much poorer. Luckily, the group we were paired with were total pros and keenos and they bought loads of these, so I was able to witness them in action; I had one thrown at me which made me lunge behind an oil drum. Kekekeke.

In total, we played five different games, each with two rounds, with lunch in the middle. At the end of the day, you can pick your favourite "arena" to play again (chosen democratically).

I wasn't shot that much given I hid most of the time, but got shot in the shoulder a few times, on my hand and had paint balls skimming my head. Though the impact of the paintball only causes a short sharp sting, waking up the next morning you'll find your arms and legs in pain of fatigue- Good exercise I guess!

Overall, it was pretty fun- though would prefer to have been with just people I knew and of the same level as me as I was hiding quite a lot as the others were just too pro! It works out at a good price if you have a big group and they do have some offers available so it is definitely an experience! Instead of sitting at home playing COD all day, go and try it for real, well it gets pretty close!

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  1. What a great experience in paintballing. I also loved to play this wonderful game. Its helps in team building. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post Hiu Yuen.


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