Monday, 23 May 2011

My Autograph Collection

One of my new year's resolutions was to blog about more personal things and I guess this is one of those~ A few years ago I went through a mad phase of autograph collecting... I guess it started with receiving numerous signed photos of Christine Guldbrandsen and a signed CD that led me on to this "hobby". 

It's actually a very simple process. You find the address of the person whose autograph you want (agent or management agency address- you don't want to freak them out posting to their home) and just mail them a short letter asking for a signed photo! It is always nice to be polite and perhaps suck up a bit (or even make out that it's your birthday soon and you'd really like it as a present LOL)~ It's all good PR!

I guess my most exciting success was meeting Gemma Arterton and getting an "in person" autograph at the James Bond Quantum of Solace Premiere which fuelled me on to writing a whole batch of letters. The worse part in all this is waiting as responses can take from weeks to months but when you get a big envelope by the front door the excitement is totally worth it, especially after a year or two and you have totally forgotten you ever sent a letter out!

Of course, you won't get a response from everyone, and sometimes they're very patronising and send you "out of office" letters like "oh, so and so is very busy at the moment, blah blah..." and sometimes you get a pre-print opposed to a proper signed photo which is a bit disappointing. 

I'll admit to being a bit sneaky when I first started out by just sending out emails to random people who I don't even know (like this pageant queen from the US) to get autographs just to try it out and well, I got some reponses!! Just not from people you really want haha... but then I guess it was free so it doesn't hurt. 

Looking back at these images just brings me back to this "phase" of mine and it is quite funny really what my younger self was like... Would I keep doing it? Well, I ain't stopping till I get Scarlett Johansson's. :W

[Not really an autograph, but more personal!]



  1. Whose autograph is the one that says that they have no pictures to send?


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