Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I passed my driving test!!

So... I passed my driving test today! Woo!! Was uber nervous for a while NOT because of the driving or the manouvres or the "show me tell me" questions but because I am going blind in the right eye - well getting worse- and thought I wouldn't be able to read the number plate at the start of the test (eeek!) but it turned out to be quite close and not at all a problem :P

Once I got driving it was pretty good, wasn't asked to do that much, only a three point turn. I swear I was meant to do another manouvre but he didn't ask? Well, if you don't ask, you don't get so meh. Thought I was quite lucky in a few instances where it would've been tricky- cars coming out when they shouldn't, reversing on my side of the road- MADNESS! Surely if they see that I'm taking the test (hello bright fluorescent man sitting next to me) they should take the hint and give way! 

But so glad it is over and that I get my hour to two hours of free time back and it is a great relief to have got this over with... now onto being conned for insurance and actually putting my life at risk driving crazy. The moment I passed the test, within ten metres from the test centre, I got stuck cos of a sharp bend and had to reverse--- definite FAIL if I did that in the test so PHEW! No wonder my instructor was surprised I only got 4 minors. ><

 [At Legoland- Forever ago]

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