Monday, 31 January 2011

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards 2011 Red Carpet

The awards season is on full steam with the recent SAG Awards, bringing high profile names together once again. The cast of Glee dominated the red carpet all looking stunning, but I just love Jayma Mays- so sweet, so simple, so perfect, though Mila Kunis is looking fierce in Alexander McQueen- so the two tied for best dressed in my books. 

Natalie Portman didn't look as great as she did for the Golden Globes- she's getting bigger and it's definitely harder to pull off the looks but she's all smiles- by the way, when is she due?

Check out some the rest of my favourites below:

Cute Animals: Baby Jellyfish


I previously blogged about how amazing I thought Jellyfish were so treat this as like a Part 2 to the previous post! There is a focus on baby jellyfish in this post as I remember going to an aquarium once and just stared at this tank of baby jellyfish for ages, floating around and glowing... It was totally mind blowing. 

They looked so tiny and squidgy, I just thought they were really cute! So here are a series of pictures of baby jellyfish as well as some extra amazing photos~ there's lots today, so check them out below:

Sunday, 30 January 2011

My Paintballing Experience

I went paintballing yesterday with my friends- it was my first time so wasn't sure what to expect, but overall it was really fun (tiring, but fun)! There was about ten of us so we were paired with another group. In total we probably had 30-50 in each game.

You get kitted out with a helmet and this black jumpsuit (to protect your clothes)- it was actually quite spacious and comfortable! You can also get optional armour/chest plate pads. Once you're all kitted up, you're given a gun and good to go. 

Each game lasts around twenty minutes and they have a range of themed "arenas" and objectives. One of my favourites was the one with the boat where the aim was to put a bomb inside or protect the ship was being "bombed" depending on which side you were on. Each game had two rounds, so you had a go at doing both attacking and defending.

Most of the games you only had one life, so if you got shot you had to go to a "dead zone". I didn't really like this as I am not a skilled player and if I didn't hide, I'd pretty much get shot instantly, so the ones with rolling respawns was perhaps better for a noob like me. 

The best themed area was the one with the church and the metal gravestones- so dark inside and just really tense. This was the round where I shot two people in the back. I think i must have fired like 10 paint balls at them cos I just wasn't sure if I hit them LOL. . . I was totally trigger happy. Which meant I ran out of paint balls pretty quickly. Despite getting 100 free ones per head in each group, you are almost guaranteed to have to buy them and they aren't cheap. We got a box of 2000 for i think £120! 

Apart from paint balls, you can also buy gun upgrades and pyrotechnics (grenades, smoke bombs etc) which I'm sure would make the game so much more fun, but almost certainly make you so much poorer. Luckily, the group we were paired with were total pros and keenos and they bought loads of these, so I was able to witness them in action; I had one thrown at me which made me lunge behind an oil drum. Kekekeke.

In total, we played five different games, each with two rounds, with lunch in the middle. At the end of the day, you can pick your favourite "arena" to play again (chosen democratically).

I wasn't shot that much given I hid most of the time, but got shot in the shoulder a few times, on my hand and had paint balls skimming my head. Though the impact of the paintball only causes a short sharp sting, waking up the next morning you'll find your arms and legs in pain of fatigue- Good exercise I guess!

Overall, it was pretty fun- though would prefer to have been with just people I knew and of the same level as me as I was hiding quite a lot as the others were just too pro! It works out at a good price if you have a big group and they do have some offers available so it is definitely an experience! Instead of sitting at home playing COD all day, go and try it for real, well it gets pretty close!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rachel McAdams in Vogue Italia (December 2010)

I cannot believe I missed this, but you can't blame me given it looks nothing like Rachel McAdams! Wearing Chanel, Rachel McAdams was featured in December's issue of Vogue Italia. I actually hate these clothes and the best shots are the two above as they actually resemble the beautiful actress. Surely they could've found something far more suitable for the actress and the hair looks so fake it really annoys me. What do you think?

Check out the rest of the shots below:

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stephane Rolland Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Was looking at Chanel's collection for Paris Haute Couture fashion week only to be disappointed and stumbled upon Stephane Rolland, and absolutely love his collection! The clothes speak for themselves as they showcase so much power, grace and elegance.

I love the fluidity of some designs will such strong colours contrasting against harsh black and white shapes- absolutely wonderfu!

I'll definitely be looking out for his designs at the red carpets. Check out the stunning collection below:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Gemma Arterton and Jessica Alba at Gucci Party

Jessica Alba and Gemma Arterton both attended the Gucci Party by French Vogue wearing Gucci. Jessica Alba looked glamourous and sparkly, whilst Gemma opted for a more laid back look which I sort of prefer. The front "pouch" pocket and the intricate detailing on Gemma's dress makes it great!

Alba and Arterton were definitely two of the best dressed. Others who attended included Diane Kruger and Anna Wintour.

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2011 Collection by John Galliano

Dior recently showcased their Spring/Summer 2011 collection at the Paris haute couture week. Designed by John Galliano, the collection is inspired by René Gruau's illustrations. The whole collection is absolutely stunning and I love the use of shape and fluidity. The detailing on each piece is so intricate and refined, each ruffle seems so perfectly controlled and moulded~ this collection is simply WOW.

Check out my favourites (pretty much the whole collection) below:

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I passed my driving test!!

So... I passed my driving test today! Woo!! Was uber nervous for a while NOT because of the driving or the manouvres or the "show me tell me" questions but because I am going blind in the right eye - well getting worse- and thought I wouldn't be able to read the number plate at the start of the test (eeek!) but it turned out to be quite close and not at all a problem :P

Once I got driving it was pretty good, wasn't asked to do that much, only a three point turn. I swear I was meant to do another manouvre but he didn't ask? Well, if you don't ask, you don't get so meh. Thought I was quite lucky in a few instances where it would've been tricky- cars coming out when they shouldn't, reversing on my side of the road- MADNESS! Surely if they see that I'm taking the test (hello bright fluorescent man sitting next to me) they should take the hint and give way! 

But so glad it is over and that I get my hour to two hours of free time back and it is a great relief to have got this over with... now onto being conned for insurance and actually putting my life at risk driving crazy. The moment I passed the test, within ten metres from the test centre, I got stuck cos of a sharp bend and had to reverse--- definite FAIL if I did that in the test so PHEW! No wonder my instructor was surprised I only got 4 minors. ><

 [At Legoland- Forever ago]

Rachel McAdams at the Morning Glory Berlin Premiere

Rachel McAdams attended the Berlin Premiere of her latest film "Morning Glory" sometime last week in a bright red gown from Michael Kors Pre Fall 2011 Collection. I love the leather belt detail on her back, but it doesn't really work for me at the front. I feel it should be slightly more figure hugging, otherwise ditch the belt and go for a more fluid look. 

I love the hair though- it is a controlled mess that is just stunning (best bit of her look)! She attended the premiere with co-star Harrison Ford, who unfortunately has aged terribly...

Monday, 24 January 2011

Cute Animals: Sea Anemone

I'll be the first to admit that sea anemone aren't exactly cute- but they are darn mesmerising! They inhabit tropical oceans and sea floors and in some ways are like the flora of the sea (though technically they aren't plants).

They remind me of complex computer produced fractals. The fact that they are so intricate and diverse I think that they're one of the most stunning natural things on Earth.

Check out the rest of the images below- I have included a cute starfish hidden in there somewhere for a bit of an extra "cute" factor~ why? Cos I found it and thought it was sweet!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Notebook DVD Film Review

I have heard great things about this film but was never into mushy romantic dramas; I guess what made me change my mind was the fact that this movie stars Rachel McAdams whom I'm growing to really like!

The cover of the DVD features the kissing scene in the rain which has become a well known picture- sensual and romantic, this picture sums up the passionate love between the two characters in the movie.

One Summer, local boy Noah (Ryan Gosling) meets rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) who he falls madly in love with. Unfortunately, she is only staying for the Summer and will be studying far away in New York. Their romance is met with disapproval from Allie's parents, who think Noah is a bad influence and that their daughter should be with a wealthy high class gentlemen. 

Allie's Summer is cut short and leaves before getting to say goodbye to Noah. After years of waiting, Allie moves on to be engaged with Lon (James Marsden), whilst Noah accomplishes his dream of building his dream home. Upon seeing a picture of Noah in the paper, Allie returns to the small town where she met her first love, only to find that she still loves him, but who will she choose?

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Avril Lavigne What The Hell Music Video

The video for Avril Lavigne's lead single "What The Hell" premieres here in the UK BUT HAS LEAKED!! UPDATE: It did not air in the UK as it was supposed to!? Urgh...

The video is about this guy who chases this girl he's in love with, but the girl just wants to "have fun and mess around". Avril Lavigne is seen to steal a taxi and shoot a basketball into a hoop. 

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Gareth Pugh showcased his Autumn/Winter 2011 collection at Pitti Uomo through the media of video. Again, the tone of the video is rather dark, but I love artistic direction shown in the video, the symmetry and the shapes that are formed. I love the bit at the end with the giant "pillowcase sleeves" (no offence) LOL.

The clothes are consistent with Pugh's style and features trademark pieces and shapes.

Check out the video below:

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Keira Knightley in Vogue Italia (Jan 2011) by Ellen Von Unwerth

Keira Knightley has been featured in this month's Vogue Italia, shot by famous photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. She looks absolutely adorable and at her best. I personally prefer the coloured shots as they are more "fun", but the black and white ones are definitely edgier and more high fashion.

Love the one of her by the piano, but the image above is probably my favourite- so cute!! There is definitely a story going on through this images and it looks like they're having a great time!

Along with upcoming Chanel ads, Keira can also be seen in this month's UK VOGUE- but it's NOTHING compared to this.

Check out the rest of these stunning images below:

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Keira Knightley in "Maze" (Smile for London) by Stuart Pearson Wright

Although upcoming Keira Knightley films such as "Never Let Me Go" and "Last Night" are yet to be released in the UK, Knightley can be seen across London Underground Tube stations as part of a film festival called Smile for London. 

Working with Stuart Pearson Wright, Keira is seen again in stunning period dress (looking very much like she did in "The Duchess") and is featured in a maze looking for her lover. It is an interesting short movie, though I'm not sure how it will make people smile as it is quite intense!

My favourite bit is when the characters switch screens- that just added so much to the whole thing. I loved it. Smile for London ends 28th January.

Check out a short clip below:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globes 2011

Scarlett Johansson attended the Golden Globes two nights ago wearing a beautiful floral beige Elie Saab dress with glittering highlights, matched with diamond accessories. I love her hair tied up in a carefree manner.

She just looked absolutely radiant for the event. Even though she wasn't nominated for an award, her presence was unavoidable and definitely one of the best dressed there.

Check out more pictures from the Golden Globes here and the rest of Scarlett's shots below:


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