Friday, 24 December 2010

Valentine's Day Film Review

Valentine's Day is another one of those films that try to "show the different sides of love" from different perspectives and try to cover many different themes through a big cast- a bit like "Love Actually". For some reason, this film works for me. It could be better, but I didn't hate it after seeing it, unlike film "New York I Love You".

IMDB's summary for the film is "Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day" and I just thought there was really no better way of putting it.

Just some of the topics and themes include "marriage", "sex", "infidelity", "homosexuality", "friendship" and "commitment". 

Whilst some movies force all the intertwining relationships, I thought this movie did it with ease. Some of the links are very subtle and unexpected, though the most obvious links include Ashton Kutcher the florist. In this way, the stories do link in some way and the flow of the movie is not compromised trying to shove all these stars into one movie.

The problem with having such a big cast is developing the characters and this problem definitely persists in this movie (not enough of Julia Roberts!), but instead of having all characters undeveloped, several central characters are given more attention, such as Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner, with other characters almost revolving around the pair. In some way, all the characters do link and that is what makes this film special. Even the most insignificant of characters is somewhat involved in progressing the story.

Apart from asking the obvious question "Is love blind?" which is evident in almost all the relationships on display, the focus on their connections and friendships is perhaps more important. Love will come and go, but when you need someone, who is there for you? Looking at the movie from this perspective will grant you a totally different movie experience.

Jessica Alba- Morley
Ashton Kutcher- Reed
Jennifer Garner- Julia
Patrick Dempsey- Dr Harrison
Julia Roberts- Kate
Anne Hathaway- Liz
Topher Grace- Jason
Eric Dane- Sean
Bradley Cooper- Holden
Jessica Biel- Kara
Jamie Foxx- Kelvin

Also stars Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, Kathy Bates and Emma Roberts.

Ashton Kutcher being yet again the focus in this movie, I felt he was less of a "jock" and slightly more serious (YES, it's shocking I know!). For one, he doesn't parade himself around topless all the time. Though he still has to work very hard to erase his typecast.

Anne Hathaway was soo funny as she was secretly an adult phone entertainer and her relationship with Topher Grace was one of my favourites- both characters were flawed in some way but it works. 

I've never really liked Jennifer Garner but she stood out in two scenes- dumping her doctor boyfriend (Patrick Dempsey) who has a wife and madly whacking the heart-shaped Pinata and then stating "Now That's open heart surgery".

In her movie debut, Taylor Swift plays a somewhat cliche high school teenager. She was surprisingly likeable given her supposed brattiness, but she definitely put her own quirk into it- the crazy dancing was funny but her overall hysterics was a bit OTT. I was very surprised Taylor Lautner didn't show off his chest.

The film on the whole had some pretty strong themes that were addressed in some way or another by this large group of people who all connected in some way. The links between the characters are subtle which makes the whole film gel. Anne Hathaway stood out for me out of everyone. It was an enjoyable movie but not amazing... perhaps like a "Love Actually 2.0".


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