Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Tourist Film Review

I was extremely interested when I first heard of the film's release and when the first leaked set image of Jolie in a cafe looking glamourous, I was quite ready to see it regardless of it's content. Bonus for meafter watching the trailer to find out the film soon materialised as an action thriller. YIPPEE!

Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) meets a mysterious woman named Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie) on a train to Venice; she invites him to her hotel and kisses him before dismissing him to sleep on the couch. Who is she and what does she want? The next morning he wakes up and find that she's gone, but instead two Russians come to capture him.

Being "just a maths teacher", Frank enters a sticky situation, only to be rescued by the glamourous Elise, who reveals she has been using him, but realising he has fallen in love with her, decides to "stick around", despite the dangers that await the both of them.

The opening sequence of the movie was perhaps the best part. There was so much intrigue, Jolie looked so stunning and a hidden sense of mystery was in the air. The moment she meets Depp, there is a change in the tone of the movie and as the film progressed, direction was lacking and you just didn't know where it was going.


That said, Jolie is clearly the star in the movie, being the one to save Depp's butt throughout, until the final sequence. The pair's on screen chemistry was lacking and it was quite hilarious given Jolie's class and glamour compared to Depp's humour and slack.

In terms of action, sneaky escapes seemed to dominate large scale open shootings or explosions you would usually associate with this sort of movie- I did like the Venecian boat chase, though Depp running on the roof tops in his PJ's was like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I didn't think the climax was explosive enough, though the elegance of Jolie's garments did peak, but again the sense of urgency was lacking and the intentions of the characters were unclear. I didn't think it was heading towards the ending when it did, which made it a bit flat.

The ending was somewhat tense but you knew the characters would make it out alive, but I felt the way they did escape was a bit of a cop out. I expected more of a struggle between the main characters and the evil toad dude, which would've made the movie so much better. Either way, the "twist" in this movie was quite typical and cliche, though I didn't think of it until it was revealed.

Johnny Depp- Frank Tupelo
Angelina Jolie- Elise Ward
Paul Bettany- Inspector John Acheson

Also stars Rufus Sewell, Timothy Dalton and Steven Berkoff.

Angelina Jolie is stunning in every scene in this movie and she deserve her Golden Globe nomination for looking so glamourous. When it comes to these mysterious powerful women roles, Jolie does phenomenally and it is the same for this film, as she did for Salt.

Johnny Depp on the other hand brought a lot of his Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow humour which does lighten up the action and he does put his own mark on the character, but definitely weakened the chemistry between the leads. The quirky nature of Frank Tupelo therefore makes the "twist" less believable.


The film on the whole was enjoyable even if it was just to admire the glamour of Jolie and the beauty of Venice, also where America's Next Top Model went for their high fashion cycle. The film was full opulence, with an average storyline attached to such beautiful setting. Jolie is the one who shines in this movie, despite a good effort from Depp who makes the role his own, but the two together lack chemistry. A good action scene and many good "following Jolie walking" scenes precede a lacklustre ending with a typical twist.

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