Sunday, 12 December 2010

Scorched Earth MS DOS Game

This was one of my childhood games that I wanted to play again for AGES but since computer systems moved on from DOS, I couldn't have done... finally found a way through emulator DOSBox so VERY happy about that!

Scorched Earth is basically like modern day "Worms"- you take control of a tank and try to annihilate the opponent using a series of weapons and defense mechanisms. There are some rather cool weapons- death heads and funky bombs are just a few of them. 

For a DOS game, this game has quite a lot to offer. Apart from just game play, there is a lot of customisation. You can edit the landscape, economics and physics of the game, which can be made much more challenging for expert players.

It just shows you don't need super graphics- the core of every game is good game play, and this game has it.

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