Sunday, 19 December 2010

My Snow Sculptures

I always try to make the most of snow days so I try to make something new each time. Here is a collection of all the things I've made~

Dec 2010- Table + Food
I didn't manage to go out and play on the day it snowed, so when I finally had the time to go out, the snow was all powdery. This was the best I could do- I was planning to make candlesticks and all sorts of crazy tableware but oh well, maybe next time :) The slushie tasted goooood though and I hope you can tell that's pie! :S

Jan 2010- Big Igloo
Following on from the smaller igloo I made two years ago, I decided to make a big one, which was SO much harder as it kept collapsing, but it can be done!


Jan 2010- Bucket Snow Pyramid 
This took so much longer than expected. We had SO much snow we just thought we'd so SOMETHING with it... So we created this pyramid by making snow bricks using a bucket of snow and then building upwards- consists of 91 hand made snow blocks.

December 2009 - Iron Man Kitty 
Possibly the most creative thing my friend and I made- Hello kitty head and a weird body + Iron Man energy core thing... just an extra touch to make it more unique! ;)

April 2008- Snow Seat
Follows the furniture theme of the last snow day, I made a sort of snow seat slash throne which is fit for human use :) Didn't get that much snow plus I was on my own so didn't make much else.

February 2008- Small Igloos + Toilet
This was my first "creation". Thought I'd make something different other than snowmen and constructed this sort of furniture set. A small enclosed igloo, a bath tub and a toilet! :D


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