Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My Ernesto Neto Transcription

After visiting the Hayward gallery over the summer and seeing the exhibition by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, his work has been an inspiration to furthering my project. I completed a transcription of one of his pieces, focussing primarily on the effects of gravity, how this affects suspended weights and improving my textile skills.

Using nylon stockings, I attached two conical pieces to a circular frame made from willow, before suspending my made "hanging" shapes, which were basically tubular, and within them I placed small rounded pebbles to give the piece weight.

I have taken the aspect of weight, gravity, fabric and suspension to my developments- sculptures made of willow with nylon stretched over the shapes, to give it form. I also suspended weights of clay from both structures and explored windows. 

The project could now go both ways, either a free standing "tent-like" sculpture or a suspended mobile.

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