Friday, 3 December 2010

Misc. Drawings (UCL University Task)

UPDATE: For those who landed here because they have received their task, treat it extremely seriously if you REALLY want to go there because the quality of this task will get you an interview, or not. I made the mistake of not completing the task at an A Level standard and thus got rejected. 

Check out my A2 projects for inspiration:
Exploration of Identity

I believe that had I sent them work similar to that in my A2 projects, I would've secured an interview.

Here are some drawings I recently completed as a task from a university... I was surprised at the outcomes as I was quite experimental. despite the  short time I had to complete it. Definitely proud of sending this work off!

For the drawing task, I decided to engage with a personal environment that I was familiar with, focussing on parts of the school which were not immediately obvious, and distorting the regular view one would usually take on an object or space through my choice of scale and or viewpoint. I chose a range of media to compliment the surfaces and textures which I observed, whilst also considering mood, all of which completed by careful mark making. 

My quick sketches recorded the familiar whilst allowing me to interpret what I know in a spontaneous and refreshing way.

 Pen and Ink

 Monoprint Collage on Pen and Ink Drawing

Tonal Drawing

These are just three of the five drawings I submitted. The other two were even more experimental and "spontaneous" as they required. Unfortunately, my "performance in the assessment task means that you have not been short-listed for attendance at interview."

I have no idea what that even means... but I guess they just didn't like my work or think I don't even have potential, which I think is utter bullcrap. Not to be arrogant or anything, but have they SEEN my portfolio!? As there is great flexibility in my art course, I am fully involved and commited to it and my interests are revealed there- so it was pretty crappy not being able to submit anything related to the work I'm doing at school, given that is what my interests are... 

PLUS, someone could be spending ages creating the "perfect" task and they get an interview, but have a less good portfolio... and they'd still be rejected. They really shouldn't reject people based on the task unless they did REALLY bad, and surely I didn't do "reject-worthy" bad? Admittedly, it isn't my best work, and it is relatively simple, but isn't there any sign of artistic potential present? I guess to UCL, there isn't.


  1. I have like 5 days to submit my task and I haven't started it yet T-T. I looked at your drawings first and thought wow, your pieces look very skilful! I guess they just have large numbers of skilful applicants. This just makes me lose my confidence. ;((

    1. Hi there, When I wrote this blog post I was perhaps a bit bitter, being 18 and really wanted to go to the Bartlett then, but on hindsight those pieces really weren't my best work and the approach I took was definitely very literal.

      being on the other side of the architecture education (now doing part II) I would suggest that you reflect on what you saw at their exhibition and show the skills that you saw there (computation, very high quality sketching and model making abilities) as well as a conceptual approach to the task.

      Good Luck!

    2. I have to submit my UCL drawing task soon too and I also haven't started. it says to draw scenes 'imagined' from everyday life, does that mean design and create an original space or do drawings based on an actual place?

    3. What are your interpretations of that brief? How do you define imagine? What is everyday life? What are the associations with every day life and what are the associations with 'the imagined'? What is the state of being in imagination and how might that make you feel?

      Hopefully some of those questions will help stimulate your thinking which in turn will aid your thoughts on what to draw- I have an idea of what they might be looking for but wouldn't want to be so prescriptive and give you my interpretation. Be creative and think outside the box, but ultimately, this task is about showing skills and conceptual thinking.

  2. Hi,

    My task for ucl is due in on Wednesday and I haven’t started yet!
    We have to produce 5x a4 drawings of:
    1) a daily route I take
    2) an enclosed public space
    3) an open public space
    4) a street view
    5)an object that holds a memory

    I really want to go to the Bartlett but I’m struggling to think of how I can make my work conceptual and stand out, please help!

    1. Dear Holly,

      I am sure you have done your research on the Bartlett, and it is essential you show a broad range of skills through the five A4 drawings that you decide to do, through a range of media.

      Show your personality and what you are interested in which will be vital through your architecture studies wherever you go!

      Good Luck!


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