Thursday, 30 December 2010

Little Fockers Film Review

I like that this series has a different theme and there is definite progress (engagement, pregnancy and then children) though wasn't entirely sure how this film would turn out.

Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro) is looking for a new successor to take over his crazy psycho family circle and with his eldest daughter's recent divorce; he seeks out Greg (Ben Stiller) to take over his role. With pressure from Jack, his wife's ex Kevin (Owen Wilson), his children's education and temptation in the form of drug sales rep Andi (Jessica Alba), will Greg be able to become "The Godfocker"?

The third film in the series, Little Fockers should supposedly revolve around Greg and Pam's two children - their education and planning their fifth birthday party. In reality, it is about Jack and Greg's ongoing feud and mistrust (like the other two films). In this way, their children almost become an aside and really don't have that big a role in this movie, making the plot slightly forced- they don't even deal with whether the children got into that school.

What this film does deal with is the dynamics between Greg and Jack, THAT they do well. The toilet de-erection scene was rather uncomfortable to watch but most of the humour came from the pair. I also found Jessica Alba hilarious as Andi Garcia, who’s slightly hysterical. Belly flop scene + Flamenco with Bernie (Greg's dad, Dustin Hoffman) made me laugh.

With a reduced role, Greg's mother Roz (Barbara Streisand) still manages to make you laugh as she lands her own TV show as a sex therapist, though Greg's father is a bit lame (apart from Flamenco scene) and Owen Wilson (Pam's ex Kevin) is really NOT funny in this movie at all. 

Ben Stiller- Greg Focker
Robert DeNiro- Jack Byrnes
Jessica Alba- Andi Garcia

Also stars Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner and Harvey Keitel.

As I said Jessica Alba shines, and she is definitely growing on me as an actress. She was really funny and most of her scenes put a smile on your face. She has one of those infectious smiles (like Anne Hathway and Julia Roberts); her smile is smile inducing!

Little Fockers really should be called "The Godfocker" or "Meet the Parents: Greg VS Jack" because too little emphasis is placed on the children. This film does contain some laughs, though feel forced in the context of the plot. Jessica Alba is a star here. For a mindless Christmas film, check this one out.

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