Thursday, 2 December 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 13 (FINALE) Recap

So we're down to two girls: Ann and Chelsey. The first thing they do is of course their Italian Vogue cover, to be shot by Vincent Peters. Ann and Chelsey both did well- there was one scene where Ann just looks stunning- and I liked the variations in clothing and setting- obviously they not only get a cover for Vogue Italia but also Beauty in Vogue, but just nice to see variety unlike the usual singular Covergirl shot.

The girls get Tyra Mail and Chelsey suspects it's a commercial, but Ann's worried as there aren't any packages with scripts... We find out that they are going to be doing it the "real" way (unlike all other cycles)- they will be recording a voiceover afterwards.

Chelsey and Ann sit and drink coffee in one scene, then in another eat ice cream... Ann acted really well in the coffee scene, very natural and smiley, but her walking was a bit awkward on the ice cream one. Like last cycle, their family members were brought onto set (which I personally don't like one bit) to give them some sort of emotional support. They get to watch them on their photoshoot. Ann's mother actually said: "I can't believe how beautiful she looks. She looks like a woman!" THAT'S COS SHE IS A WOMAN!!! Or is this another case of "Isis"... Before Jay leaves, he tells the girls their families will be front row at the Roberto Cavalli fashion show and that the heels will be high.

The girls meet IMG vice president Ivan Bart to have a chat as IMG will be managing the winner... Chelsey obviously did much better, but Ann wasn't bad.

So I kind of suspected this, but OMG it happened- they brought back Liz, Chris, Kayla and JANE (YES HELL YES) for the fashion show. I HATE that because the girls got eliminated, they don't deserve to walk the finale show! BUT because Jane was unrightfully eliminated, she definitely should be walking here, and I'm so glad they brought her back to look stunning once again. :W

In hair and make up, Jane gives Ann a cute pep talk and says "We can make Team Ann shirts later". HELLO, PERSONALITY!!! She's the winner in my eyes. ;) I'm totally #TEAMJANE. It's funny because Kayla speaks to Chelsey, and she says she's #TEAMCHELSEY.

Anyway, for the actual show, Krista from last cycle opened, and I had to say her walk and her dress were both stunning- really liked it... and was it just me or did Tyra actually say "Loved her walk" to Jane, as she came out.

Tyra, admit you regret calling Jane's name. DO IT. Jane is going to rock the fashion industry. It was quite hard for me to actually spot Jane and I had to go back several times to find her. You know why? Cos she looks like a REAL model! Check out her ANTM portfolio here.

Ann did her own thing- it was a unique "Ann" walk, a bit like Nicole's from Cycle 13 and Allison from Cycle 12. Chelsey walked a bit quick, but was good, but not special.

Is it just me, or is anyone else REALLY ANNOYED at Chelsey's interview responses. She keeps saying "I feel like America's next top model", "I'll be really annoyed if I'm not America's Next Top Model" and "Oh, I've never been in the bottom two, Ann has, I've won three challenges, Ann none"... URGH SHUT UP GIRL YOU AIN'T HIGH FASHION.

At panel, Chelsey was critiqued on her walk for being a bit fast and a bit stiff, whilst Ann was critiqued for not "owning it", though she improved. Their overall commercial footage was as Tyra said, not selling make-up and it was rather too story-telling and too "real". Both looked fabulous, but I wouldn't think it was selling make up until the lash blast whatever came on screen.

Chelsey's covergirl photo has more edge and her eyes were really strong, which is kind of good for this product as it's a lash blast thing. Roberto Cavalli didn't like it, but he liked Ann's, which was strong, but I thought her head came out of the hair really awkwardly. There needed to be just a bit of the other shoulder to balance it out. She looks like the Pokemon Gastly. Just sayin'.

Deliberation was quite fierce, but I like it. It needs more drama... They argued that whilst Chelsey is more rounded and is guranteed to deliver, Ann is more high fashion, more of a superstar and is more unique, though unsure if she could be launched into the fashion world on her own. Roberto Cavalli said that Ann is high fashion and more suited to Italian fashion. I feel the panel is split, but Roberto Cavalli's comments, PLUS Versace said they'd book Ann during the Go-see episode would seem to suggest Ann more suited for the Vogue Italia Cover.

So is it going to be Ann, or Chelsey?

I personally WANT Ann to win, but have a feeling ANTM are going to be "safe" and pick Chelsey, though Ann would obviously suit the Vogue Italia cover more... Of course, Jane should win, but out of the two, I'd like Ann to win. OK I'm going to go with Ann.

DUN DUN DUN... *drumroll*

America's Next Top Model Is... 

ANN!! YESSS HELL YESSS... How Bitter was Chelsey who said "I feel cheated. I feel like I'm the whole package, more than Ann." Be grateful you got this far bish, Jane would've been so happy for Ann. Sore loser! Ann's win reminds me of Nicole's win- the quirky ending and just the things they said... Aww... I'm glad she won, she deserved it.

I wonder what Cycle 16 will throw at us that's new.


  1. Hi Matthew,

    Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed your ANTM posts and reading your blog in general, have added it to My Favourites!

    I also thought Jane was stunning and thought she along with Kayla would have made good competitors for Ann in the final but I have to be honest, it was always going to be Ann!

    Stay fierce! :-)

    Kind regards


  2. Thanks! Last episode, when Tyra was saying why each girl was in the bottom two, and she said Jane improved and wowed her at the motion editorial shoot i had a spark of hope she would make it... but she will definitely go far in the fashion industry.

  3. I love Ann's personality but she doesn't stand a chance out in the real fashion industry. She's not gonna survive and that's the bitter true. The ANTM background and her 5 great pictures she had in the show are not gonna make her achieve something real. Sorry, but that's the truth. I think Tyra should give this chance to people who actually need it, girls with real potential like Kayla or Jane.


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