Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Source Code Film Trailer Preview

The trailer to the upcoming movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal has been released. In the movie, Jake plays Captain Colter Stevens, who is made to enter the Source Code- which allows him to enter the body (and take control) of someone eight minutes before they die. 

He is sent to "possess" an unknown train passenger's body who dies on the train as a bomb goes off. His task is to find the bomber in order to prevent a known second attack six hours after the first. Each time he enters the Source Code, he has eight minutes before he is blown up with everyone else. However, Captain Colter's mission is sidelined when he meets a beautiful girl played by Michelle Monaghan. 

This film reminds me a bit of Deja Vu and the idea of trying to alter another reality/time space that is separated from the past... I am unsure how this film will deal with it and if it will be as complex as Deja Vu. I am very interested in this, as it does seem like it is packed fill of action and intensity, but my only worry is how the film will end, and how they explain the functional capabilities of the Source Code.

Check out the trailer:

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