Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Thoughts on Katie Waissel and X Factor 2010

So Katie Waissel has been saved for a third time in a row on this year's X Factor; the show is this year's biggest joke. Firstly, how Wagner and Cher Lloyd are still in the competition is beyond me. My friends describe the former as the John Sergeant of Strictly, whilst the second is like Cheryl Cole in Captain America. With a quarter of the acts left being complete jokes, and "potential winner" Aiden recently ousted, what is still making this show so popular?

The quick answer is just that. The success of a show such as this relies heavily on the viewers, and given their votes are extremely important, the producers would do anything they could to keep the ratings up and the phones ringing, which is potentially both the problem and solution to this year's X Factor.

The tremendous publicity surrounding Cher Lloyd, Wagner and now Katie Waissel is what keeps this show going, and no doubt the producers want to keep it that way. So what do they do? They keep these acts in for as long as possible, as we've evidently seen tonight.

Of course, eliminating Aiden Grimshaw over Katie Waissel will stir outrage in the public, which will continue to drive people to watch the show, and hence more ratings, more voting (as people are desperate to save their favourite acts) and more money for ITV. It's very clever really... and it really is a win win situation, except for the contestants. I mean, we get good entertainment, ITV makes money and the judges make money, but the acts who beleived they could win are thrown about like pawns in a game of chess. Who cares about their feelings or their dreams?

The only contestants left in the show who really could win are Matt Cardle, Rebecca and potentially One Direction. Everyone apart from those three, plus the publicity gainers Katie, Cher and Wagner are collateral damage. If Katie ends up in the bottom two with Paige or Mary, Katie will no doubt be saved. The problem only arises if Katie, Wagner or Cher end up in the bottom with each other.

I don't believe the winner is fixed in the sense they are driving Katie to win, but they are definitely using her to generate more publicity, like this blog post right here. The more people talking about her or the show, the more likely people are going to tune in... however, they will undoubtably oust her when they truly have to obtain the respectable winner so as not to tarnish the show's reputation.

It took me a while to find these "lovely" images of Katie on Google images (plus a little photoshop), so whether you like her or not, here she is at her best to perhaps win her your vote:

 Katie Waissel pretending to be Meryl Streep in Drag

  Katie being herself (or some sci fi alien) in Drag

 Katie's "in shock" BJ face that someone does drag better than she does

Maybe we SHOULD all vote for her and make sure she wins. That way we can get this BJ face again... !

UPDATE: Thank goodness Wagner's gone... liked Katie more than Cher, but they all gotta go at some point. #TeamMattCardle

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