Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jane Randall's Portfolio (America's Next Top Model Cycle 15)

So Jane Randall has been eliminated from America's Next Top Model this week (Check my recap) and she is my favourite model this cycle

I initially rooted for Rhianna but after her early exit, I found Jane's stunning look irresistable- she has constantly been underrated this cycle. Her portfolio from the show is good, and you can definitely see improvement- those shots at the end are absolutely stunning- once she got to Venice she was fierce! She also looked stunning in Tyra's directorial debut- a motion editorial shot in Verona.

This girl has real potential and her face is super high fashion. She will definitely rock the fashion industry when she gets out there- GO JANE!

UPDATE: When the judges said she didn't have personality, they obviously didn't see THIS.




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