Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hereafter Film Trailer Preview (and Movie Poster)

Hereafter is a film about three people who have recently encountered death of some sort (including a school boy who loses his brother) seek out a psychic (Matt Damon) who can speak to the dead, but is reluctant to. Their lives intertwine in some way or another and I suppose the film deals with different aspects of death.

Whilst some scenes in the trailer are exciting, I don't feel it to be a supernatural thriller (like The Sixth Sense) as much as a drama or exploration of death (like Passengers)- As much as it makes it out to be about these characters having to escape death, it seems more like a depressing melodramatic film.

However, I'm excited to watch it given it is Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon, both well known in the movie industry, so surely it can't be THAT bad?

Matt Damon's new film was released in America in late October, but will be released in the UK in January. Check out the trailer below:

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