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Duffy Endlessly Album Review

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Duffy released her debut album "Rockferry" in 2008, and now two years later, she returns with "Endlessly", which in interviews she claims to reveal her growth yet retains her musical style and character. I admire her integrity to sticking to what she is known for opposed to complying with modern trends, though this album does reveal more variation and has a few surprises in store.

The album cover is simple and sweet. Definitely not as stylish as her Rockferry cover, but I like the subdued colours and the graphics.

The album contains ten tracks, but is only around 30 minutes in length:

1. My Boy 4/5
The first track on the album is a fun and upbeat track that will catch on very easily. It definitely retains that Duffy sound but is slightly more mainstream. A nice start to the album and perhaps sets the tone for the rest of the tracks.

2. Too Hurt To Dance 4/5
"Too Hurt To Dance" reminds us why we love Duffy. This could very well have been on Rockferry and has that slightly mellow tone and the lyrics definitely contribute to this effect. Nonetheless, this is a great song and another timeless song.

3. Keeping My Baby 4/5
The upbeat intro and the sound of this song has the flair or "Rain on Your Parade", and in some ways sounds quite similar to that too. I like the fun lyrics and the beat of the song- though it is quite a short one, under three minutes long- so it doesn't get much time to develop and it kind of leaves you hanging a bit.

4. Well, Well, Well 4/5
The lead single from this album, "Well Well Well" is dynamic and upbeat, one of the more explosive tracks on the album that showcase Duffy's unique voice. A powerful and addictive track, though at first the "well well wells" may grate on you.

5. Don't Forsake Me 4/5
The verses aren't that impressive but lead onto a fantastic chorus, against a "Warwick Avenue-esque" backing track. This may seem a little like a "filler" track given it doesn't stand out immediately compared to the others, but it holds its ground with the stunning chorus.

6. Endlessly 4/5
The softest track on the album, "Endlessly" is heartfelt and emotional, yet a very romantic song. Whilst it may not be the catchiest or mainstream, the lyrics are superb and it is wowing in this way.

7. Breath Away 5/5
This song is easily my favourite track off the album, as it is somewhere in between the upbeat tracks found in this album and the more mellow tracks from Rockferry. There is perfect balance in this song and it just immediately reaches out to you and gets you hooked.

8. Lovestruck 4.5/5
The most shocking song from the album. The first fifteen seconds or so I thought I was listening to Lady Gaga or something... but this more outrageous turn for Duffy works to her advantage as she makes it her own. This is definitely the most "different" of the album but surprisingly still works.

9. Girl 4/5
Having just heard "Lovestruck", "Girl" is another upbeat track that seems to be a farcry from Duffy's sound. Sounding more like Annie's "I know your Girlfriend hates me", this song may have less substance lyrically, but again, Duffy somehow manages to make this work and is definitely a nice, if surprising change of sound.

10. Hard For The Heart 4/5
The last song of the album brings us back to traditional Duffy. A strong track that remains consistent with the rest, and is a nice mellow end to the album which brings us down from the high of the previous two super upbeat tracks.

SONGS TO LOVE: My Boy, Keeping My Baby, Well Well Well, Breath Away, Lovestruck

There is definite development in Duffy's music since her last album, but certain tracks feel like they could've been from the "Rockferry" era. However, they are well distributed and interspersed so you really don't notice it. The synchronisation makes the changes subtle and gives the album variety and consistency.

The whole album is definitely strong, but given only thirty minutes or so of play time, I suppose it isn't difficult to select the BEST songs. Whilst some artists cram their records with tracks, Duffy presents the best of the best. Though no doubt, a deluxe edition with additional tracks is likely to be released shortly? Surely her two years weren't spent making just these ten tracks, so it would definitely be great to hear some more. 

"Endlessly" is more like an extension to her previous album. There are some great tracks here and the development is seamless. I am slightly disappointed with the length of this album, though what is on here is all good. The tracks are timeless and has the signature Duffy sound with more variation and fun. Highly recommended.

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