Thursday, 18 November 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 11 Recap

So it's the penultimate episode until the final in two weeks (next week is a recap episode) and I am so nervous as I like all these girls and don't want any to have to go home! I am rooting for Jane though.

The girls go back home and for the first time, Kayla is actually being annoying and arrogant talking about her photo... I loved Jane's comment: "I don't like that picture that much" to which Kayla viciously goes "Shut Up Jane". GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE KAYLAAAA!!!

The first thing the girls do this episode to go to their teach about being more expressive... The woman who was teaching them is called Barbara.  She asked Ann to smile and she goes "Don't smile like Frankenstein!" LOL

Anyway, the girls need to take what they learn as they are going to meet Franka Sozzani, who is the editor in chief of Vogue Italia. They'll be presenting themself (like a mini-go-see) and the fat man at panel whose name I forgot right now will be judging to see who did best.

Kayla went first and said "this is the first time I've done this... model stuff" which had a nasty TV sound effect after which was like a faded "boom". NOT GOOD. Chelsea did really well, she talked about herself and Franka looked really happy and smily. Ann did better than I'd expected but didn't talk whilst Franka was looking through her portfolio which made her a bit timid (though it could just be the editing). Jane was OK verbally, she did look the best :) Franka didn't like her though- she said she didn't have enough expression in the face.

So of course Chelsea won the challenge; she gets to get a private view of "The Last Supper" painting and get to spend a night at a delux Milan hotel. She picked Kayla to go with her. Jane and Ann back in the house had their own fun- Chinese Food, Vodka and Jane's hand drawn anime version of The last Supper on a napkin. Nice! SEE- THIS GIRL HAS PERSONALITY!

The next thing the girls do will be the motion editorial (like a moving look book) that was on the preview last week directed by Tyra Banks... VERY exciting.

The girls are put into a series of Couture gowns and put into a range of different settings- it all looks really high fashion and stunning. Jane looks so beautiful but her walk was a bit stiff- Ann looked good but her walk was terrible and still she has the same face. Chelsey did good, as did Kayla but they don't make me go WOW... I actually have no idea who is going to go home... AHHHH!!

CRUNCH TIME!! At panel, they showed the best takes for each girl and then the whole edited version... (go to the end to see it)

Chelsey did well in most of them- they didn't show her chair hair flick film though... was critiqued by Tyra about not knowing what to do in the "big room scene". 

Jane looked phenomenal. Yes it wasn't as "fluid" but WOW was she beautiful. Tyra gave positive feedback, Nigel and the fat man didn't.

Ann was really awkward in her film- I think it works in some, but not in the whole thing- the weakest film in my opinion of the pack.

Kayla looks angry in most of her films- loved the crying one, but the one in the big room was terrible (Jane aced that one)... 

The judges deliberate... and mostly positives for all the girls. Kayla's high fashion-ness was questioned...

I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHO WILL GO HOME... So nervous... it could be any of them...! I predict Chelsea and Ann to be in the final... though I want Jane and Kayla... This is probably the cycle where they have the four best models and I really can't decide... You know what, I won't!

So first call out is... Ann! DUN DUN DUN!!! Followed by ... Chelsea... Urgh- I thought she would say Jane given what she said about her before eliminating her... :( So the two girls I liked least of the four make it to the finale... I have to say- this was probably the high point of the season- I don't really care for the two girls that went through so ... meh... I will definitely be following Jane and what she does because she has a high fashion face.

I kind of knew Jane wasn't going to win because I recently followed her on Twitter and she's now back at Princeton (PLEASE PURSUE MODELLING AFTER). Ann and Chelsey both have Twitter but I couldn't really sense who won based on their tweets...

The finale will involve the girls walking in Roberto Cavalli designs... eeek!! I predict Chelsey will win the whole thing because she has the "full package" compared to Ann. HOWEVER, this is TOP MODEL and they like doing crazy things. Personally, I'd want Ann to win because she'd ace that Vogue Italia shoot. 

I'm actually more excited about next week's recap episode more than the finale, because we will (hopefully) be able to see the cut out antics Jane did in the house- in an interview with Chris, she did reveal that she thought Jane had lots of personality, just didn't show it in front of the judges...

Anyway, check out the stunning motion editorial directed by Tyra Banks:

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