Thursday, 11 November 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 10 Recap

The first Tyra Mail tells them about their inevitable Go-see Challenge, but before they do, they get taught how to put their portfolio together by Tyra, which I think is very important, and surprised that this is a first on the show. 

The girls have four locations to get to around Milan, conveniently placed North, South, East and all over the city, including fashion house Versace! Jane and Chris get to Versace first, whilst Kayla, Chelsey and Ann get lost and find it later, wasting time waiting... Versace was quite critical of the girls actually- saying how Chelsey's look is two seasons ago (LOL) 

After Versace, the girls split up whilst Chris and Jane stay together. However, after getting quite lost
and not being able to work the Metro, they get back to IMG with 40 minutes spare. Chelsey manages to make it to her second go-see and gets back with 5 minutes spare. Ann gets all frustrated and again paranoid that all the other girls have gone to all the go-sees and are back at IMG- SERIOUSLY GIRL HAVE SOME SELF CONFIDENCE! VERSACE LOVED YOU. Ann is 20 minutes late back to IMG but only managed Versace, and Kayla is lost but gets back 45 minutes after the deadline.

The winner of the challenge is of course Chelsey who managed two go-sees and got good feedback from both. She wins a Versace jacket. Meh. Versace said they'd book Ann for Editorial AND shows- screw you Chelsey!

For their photoshoot, the girls go to Lake Como where they will pose as statues, brought to life by their sculptor of a male model (where Kayla yelps "AGAIN!?") YES Kayla, AGAIN. They've been put on payroll, so they're making good use of 'em.
NOOO Jane doesn't do well in her shoot- I loved the picture released before this ep was aired- so surprised to see Nigel and Jay both say negative things about her on the shoot- let's hope Tyra loves her photo because she isn't ready to go home yet! Or better still, let's hope Chris does BA-A-a-dddd...

Chelsey does amazing- urgh... as does Ann... as does Kayla... damn--- Chris you better SUCK... so nervous now... NOO- Chris does well as well but progressively got worse towards the end of the shoot... I think Jane is going home because she did the worse at the shoot. I really hope they save her...

At panel, Kayla gets good critique for her photo but not her go-seeing which she didn't manage to book. Chelsey booked 1 out of 2 go-sees, and her photo was praised. However, Tyra critiqued that it wasn't "model" it was "beautiful woman". Chris booked none of the go-sees, and her photo was "good" not great. Her head and face was terrible (hopefully she goes home!) Ann got "booked" for Versace (which basically means she can screw this competition) and her photo was stunning, but was critiqued on her lack of personality. 

Jane of course was last to be critiqued... and her face did lack emotion... but her breaking down on set might save her as it shows she has personality. When asked at panel, she also started crying, which may get her brownie points. I don't know nor care who the guest judge was but you don't know anything. I think his exact words to Jane were "noone's saying you don't have personality---" HOLD UP. The judges said she didn't have personality earlier this cycle! I really hope she stays but who knows...

Chelsey is definitely staying for her stunning photo and her go-see challenge win. Ann will too because she got one booking out of two. Kayla's photo was stunning, so I think she'll stay... I predict first call out is Chelsey.

At deliberation, Tyra expressed her love for Chris' photo but for Jane basically said out loud she was going home... THAT STUPID GUEST JUDGE who said she needed more time than the competition will take to find her personality URGH- Bottom two definitely Chris and Jane, and I really want Jane to stay but from the editing, seems like she is going home, though the judges can eliminate anyone they wish and have good reason for it. SOO NERVOUS.

In the end... Kayla gets first call out (twice now) followed by Chelsey. In the bottom two are Chris and Jane... 


Top Three:
1. Jane 
2. Kayla
3. Ann

The rest of the girls are really strong so I really don't mind who wins, but Jane is my favourite! 

EDIT: Having seen the preview for NEXT WEEK's Episode where Tyra makes her directorial debut, all the girls are looking stunning in their [commercial/music video/advert] I don't know what it is but it looks good. Two girls will be eliminated... I dare to go all the way and root for Jane- this girl will win. There. I said it.

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