Thursday, 4 November 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 9 Recap

So after a lot of waffle with Miss Jay taking the girls to Venice, California and another Tyra actress stunt, the girls are told they are going to Venice...ITALY. So after a lot of holiday footage, where Liz gets crapped on by a bird, they get Tyra Mail in a beautiful envelope like it should be. 

The photoshoot will be themed on Casanova, which is pretty cool and will be shot with the girls on the water in a gondola. For the first time, I feel this is a high fashion shoot- FINALLY. So the girls are split up into two groups.

Liz, Kayla, Chris- Kayla was so soft and subtle (first callout?), Chris was a flop, although Liz did keep complaining so she could be sent home, though she did look good overall. 

Chelsea, Ann, Jane- Ann was a mess- again her expression was one of pain. Jane looked stunning in every shot and Chelsea was OK... 

The girls are told that they will be going to Milan the next day. Wow- that's pretty awesome!!! LOL @ Liz not knowing what Milan is and thinking "Mulan, Japan and dragons". She should get the boot just for that.
So whilst the girls are checking out their Milan pad, which is pretty small compared to previous cycles, Tyra pops in to tell the girls their small pad reflects reality of a model house. 

The girls won't have a challenge this week, but will be going to fashion house Missoni. The girls try on the winter collection and walk in front of Miss Jay, Missoni mum and Missoni daughter (who will also be at panel). They showed all the girls walk except Kayla (!?)

At panel, the girls were critiqued in their groups:

Ann, Jane, Chelsea- Chelsea got the best critique overall, with Ann being praised despite her uncomfortability, and the judges were split with Jane. Tyra thinks Jane did the best, whilst Nigel thinks she let the group down. Had he seen her film, he'd shut right up. LOVE JANE.

The girls get really hot and "ill" so the rest of the girls sit on the runway for their critique. First time in Top Model History!? I think so. 

Jane, Chris, Liz- Liz is critiqued along with Chris whilst Kayla gets praise all round. Liz and Chris to be in the bottom two... I think.

In the end, first call out went to Kayla, followed by Jane (YESSS!!!) In the bottom two are Liz and Chris with Liz eliminated- YESSSS!!! It was her time to go, made obvious by the editing...

Anyway, top three:
1. Jane 
2. Kayla
3. Ann

UPDATE: Next week, the girls will be on their Go-see Challenge, and for their photoshoot be real life statues- again, the shoot looks quite high fashion which is great. Did anyone catch the stunning shot of Jane after the preview on the CW website? LOVE IT.

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  1. Jane blew me away in this photoshoot. She has some real potential.


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