Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mischa Barton in Tattler Magazine (December 2010)

Mischa Barton appears in December's issue of Tattler Magazine. It has been a while since she looked this stunning. The OC actress has been through some rather crazy stuff recently, but hopefully this cover and spread will give her a fresh start. We will see...

Tate Modern 2 by Herzog & de Meuron

An extension of Tate Modern is currently underway. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, who initially transformed the power station into an art gallery. Tate Modern "2" will take up the Southern space and can be accessed via the Turbine Hall. 

Several old oil drums will be used to form the base of a pyramidal structure, which is not only contexturally relevant, but will give the extension that rustic feel which will advantageously contrast with the undoubtably neutral and minimalistic space. However, I did much prefer the designs using glass and almost brutalist approach with the juxtapositioned box like glass structures (see pic at the end)...

Monday, 29 November 2010

Duffy Endlessly Album Review

Check out my preview here

Duffy released her debut album "Rockferry" in 2008, and now two years later, she returns with "Endlessly", which in interviews she claims to reveal her growth yet retains her musical style and character. I admire her integrity to sticking to what she is known for opposed to complying with modern trends, though this album does reveal more variation and has a few surprises in store.

Cute Animals: Fox Cubs

Foxes are very common animals in Europe. Here in Britain they don't have a very positive image- raiding bins, killing pet rabbits (mine included) and what not... though they can also be very cute as I hope to show you with these pictures. With their lupine appearance and bushy tail, these mammals are extremely curious and playful.

They would even "play" with other animals? I love the picture of the fox with the chick and the fox with the deer (see cute deer pictures here). For some reason, they are just really striking to me and I can't help but like them, though I like rabbits more. :D


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Despicable Me Film Review

When I first saw the trailer, I wasn't really excited for it. Very few animations apart from Pixar catch my attention, so it was a surprise to hear one of my friends declare this better than Pixar's "UP". Keeping an open mind, I decided to sit through this one and I was pleasantly surprised.

Gru is an evil villain. Upon hearing that rival villain Vector stole a Giza Pyramid and was titled "Villain of the Century" by the news, Gru sets his mind on stealing the moon with the help of a Shrink Ray. Unfortunately, Vector steals it from him seconds after he stole it and Gru's feeble attempts of entering Vector's fortress left him emptihanded. 
Witnessing Vector's weak spot of coconut cookies, Gru adopts three children which he enropes into his masterplan, which to begin with he finds a distraction and a nuisance, but soon realises he has a soft spot for them in his heart.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

When In Rome Film Review

I love movies that are filmed in Rome - it's such a beautiful city, and when I heard about this rom-com, I was quite excited. Could not have said the same for the plot, though there were some parts to be enjoyed. 

Beth (Kristen Bell) is a workaholic and upon attending her sister's wedding in Rome, meets Nick (Josh Duhamel) who she immediately falls for. Witnessing him canoodling with another woman, she gets drunk and  steals coins from the "Fountain of Love". Little did she know, the person whose coin she stole will fall in love with her until she returns the coins to the fountain or to their original owner.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Three Songs for Christmas- Rachael Lampa EP Album Review

Rachael Lampa has released a Christmas EP, and I just received mine. It features three new songs as follows:

1. God Is With Us 4.5/5
It is the first Christmas song Rachael has written, and it definitely has her own personal musical style here. I love that it doesn't have that full on Christmas sound, so you could really listen to this all year round. Definitely the best song on this EP.

2. O Holy Night 4.5/5
The intro to the song is definitely way too long but the vocals are spot on and stunning. Not really a modern twist to the song, but beautifully sung.

3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 3.5/5
The Christmas sound I mentioned previously definitely applies here, so I wouldn't really be listening to this track after December... a nice upbeat track that would play well in a ballroom or some big dinner... A good song, but doesn't stand out like "God Is With Us".

I'm not a fan of christmas songs but when it gets modernised or sung by someone you like listening to, it is a whole new experience. I definitely like Rachael's version of O Holy Night- quite raw and reminds me of her musical style. However, not too fond of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"... just isn't a christmas song that I am familiar with, but has potential to grow on me.

Overall, they are a good few songs, and it is great to hear new material so soon after the release of her latest  album "Human" (Review here). You can purchase her CDs on her official site.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 12 Recap (Highlights Episode)

So this is the recap episode, and I'm totally psyched. Why? Because Jane will be in this episode but not the next. WHY? Because the judges foolishly eliminated her last week. The reason? Lack of personality. This episode is sure to prove them WRONG. 

As this is the recap episode, I'll only mention the bits that stand out PLUS the reasons why Jane has lots of personality. #TEAMJANE


*Lexie gets her future read through Tarot Cards, was told that a "controlling woman" (Tyra) is involved. 

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Source Code Film Trailer Preview

The trailer to the upcoming movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal has been released. In the movie, Jake plays Captain Colter Stevens, who is made to enter the Source Code- which allows him to enter the body (and take control) of someone eight minutes before they die. 

He is sent to "possess" an unknown train passenger's body who dies on the train as a bomb goes off. His task is to find the bomber in order to prevent a known second attack six hours after the first. Each time he enters the Source Code, he has eight minutes before he is blown up with everyone else. However, Captain Colter's mission is sidelined when he meets a beautiful girl played by Michelle Monaghan. 

Monday, 22 November 2010

Back to December /Apologize by Taylor Swift Live (AMA 2010)

Taylor Swift performed a mash up of "Back To December" with One Republic's "Apologize". The performance was quite simple- she was slowly elevated down to the stage with her piano (not floating or flying as rumoured) and just gave a raw performance. I loved the "Apologize" additions as it fitted both musically and contextually to the song and gave it a climatic, yet moody end.

Watch the performance at the end~ ~

Cute Animals: Baby Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs have to be one of the cutest garden animals ever. They are shy and move really slowly. Beneath their spiky exterior is a soft and uber cute face- so sweet. I've only ever seen one once in our garden during Autumn when we had lots of leaves and that was quite a few years back... 

The baby hedgehog pics I found were irresistibly cute- like Awwww x 1000... Check them out:

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Jen Stark 4

Here's another update with more of the latest works from artist Jen Stark. Check out some of my other posts here. Her work continues to inspire me- I love how they have progressed from reliefs into sculptures and the continual development of her work to advance her topic is phenomenal. I really hope she exhibits in London sometime soon!! 

Friday, 19 November 2010

Ba-Na-Na What's My Name- Rihanna ft. Drake

After being inspired by a friend's comment on Rihanna's song "What's My Name", I had some fun rewriting some of the lyrics... Yes I was totally bored- but the song as it is (with Drake) is ba-a-ad; they should've released her solo version. 

Anyway, it was just a quick job and a bit of fun- if you have any better adjustments to this, let me know. Riri fans don't hate. Check out my review of LOUD including the official video to What's My Name here.

Listen to Rihanna's "What's My name?" and sing-a-long with these lyrics:

Ba-na-na, what’s my name
Ba-na-na, what’s my name

Ba-na-na, what’s my name
Ba-na-na, what’s my name
Ba-na-na, what’s my name

What’s my name, what’s my name

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jane Randall's Portfolio (America's Next Top Model Cycle 15)

So Jane Randall has been eliminated from America's Next Top Model this week (Check my recap) and she is my favourite model this cycle

I initially rooted for Rhianna but after her early exit, I found Jane's stunning look irresistable- she has constantly been underrated this cycle. Her portfolio from the show is good, and you can definitely see improvement- those shots at the end are absolutely stunning- once she got to Venice she was fierce! She also looked stunning in Tyra's directorial debut- a motion editorial shot in Verona.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 11 Recap

So it's the penultimate episode until the final in two weeks (next week is a recap episode) and I am so nervous as I like all these girls and don't want any to have to go home! I am rooting for Jane though.

The girls go back home and for the first time, Kayla is actually being annoying and arrogant talking about her photo... I loved Jane's comment: "I don't like that picture that much" to which Kayla viciously goes "Shut Up Jane". GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE KAYLAAAA!!!

The first thing the girls do this episode to go to their teach about being more expressive... The woman who was teaching them is called Barbara.  She asked Ann to smile and she goes "Don't smile like Frankenstein!" LOL

Anyway, the girls need to take what they learn as they are going to meet Franka Sozzani, who is the editor in chief of Vogue Italia. They'll be presenting themself (like a mini-go-see) and the fat man at panel whose name I forgot right now will be judging to see who did best.

Kayla went first and said "this is the first time I've done this... model stuff" which had a nasty TV sound effect after which was like a faded "boom". NOT GOOD. Chelsea did really well, she talked about herself and Franka looked really happy and smily. Ann did better than I'd expected but didn't talk whilst Franka was looking through her portfolio which made her a bit timid (though it could just be the editing). Jane was OK verbally, she did look the best :) Franka didn't like her though- she said she didn't have enough expression in the face.

So of course Chelsea won the challenge; she gets to get a private view of "The Last Supper" painting and get to spend a night at a delux Milan hotel. She picked Kayla to go with her. Jane and Ann back in the house had their own fun- Chinese Food, Vodka and Jane's hand drawn anime version of The last Supper on a napkin. Nice! SEE- THIS GIRL HAS PERSONALITY!

The next thing the girls do will be the motion editorial (like a moving look book) that was on the preview last week directed by Tyra Banks... VERY exciting.

The girls are put into a series of Couture gowns and put into a range of different settings- it all looks really high fashion and stunning. Jane looks so beautiful but her walk was a bit stiff- Ann looked good but her walk was terrible and still she has the same face. Chelsey did good, as did Kayla but they don't make me go WOW... I actually have no idea who is going to go home... AHHHH!!

CRUNCH TIME!! At panel, they showed the best takes for each girl and then the whole edited version... (go to the end to see it)

Chelsey did well in most of them- they didn't show her chair hair flick film though... was critiqued by Tyra about not knowing what to do in the "big room scene". 

Jane looked phenomenal. Yes it wasn't as "fluid" but WOW was she beautiful. Tyra gave positive feedback, Nigel and the fat man didn't.

Ann was really awkward in her film- I think it works in some, but not in the whole thing- the weakest film in my opinion of the pack.

Kayla looks angry in most of her films- loved the crying one, but the one in the big room was terrible (Jane aced that one)... 

The judges deliberate... and mostly positives for all the girls. Kayla's high fashion-ness was questioned...

I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHO WILL GO HOME... So nervous... it could be any of them...! I predict Chelsea and Ann to be in the final... though I want Jane and Kayla... This is probably the cycle where they have the four best models and I really can't decide... You know what, I won't!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Glee Season 2 Episode 7 (Gwyneth Paltrow sings "Umbrella") Recap


This episode has been talked about in the media for a while, as it is Gwyneth Paltrow's Glee debut as substitute teacher Holly Holliday, who sings an Umbrella mashup with Will Schuester... Before that though, Holly was introduced during a Spanish Class and the things she said in Spanish just made me laugh... I'm glad they made the character to be the "fun", "carefree" teacher as Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't been doing much comedy lately.

Red Riding Hood Film Trailer Preview

Red Riding hood is an upcoming film starring Amanda Seyfried, a dark take on the children's fairy tale. Valerie (Seyfried) is obviously a beautiful girl in a village who is in torn between two men, an outcast she deeply loves and a man her family has arranged to be her groom. Upon arranging to elope with her true love, the werewolf (yes, werewolf) kills Valerie's sister, despite the regular animal peace offering the village gives to the beast.

The town hires a wolf hunter who suspects the werewolf is in fact someone within the village (given they take human form during the day) making Valerie extremely cautious of her relationships and even suspects her lover to be the wolf, this connection making her vulnerable, yet in a position of control over him.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Behaviour of Objects by rAndom International

Exhibited in London with Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Mayfair, rAndom International's Swarm Lights is an interactive exhibit featuring a series of 9000 suspended LED lights that respond to sounds. The lights may all gather near the source of the sound or shy away, which makes it extremely exciting if there was a crowd there.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Scarlett Johansson in GQ as "Babe Of The Year 2010"

Scarlett Johansson has been named "Babe of the Year" by GQ Magazine- Woo! Sexy Scarlett shows her sultry side in the latest shoot for the magazine, showcasing her trademark curves and luscious long blonde hair. 

Cute Animals: Pine Martens

Pine Martens are native to Northern Europe and are in the same family as weasels, otters and badgers. I think they most closely resemble ferrets, but are obviously cuter than they are. I think they are animals that hardly anyone talk about- people know about squirrels, ferrets and beavers but rarely does anyone mention these creatures?

In thi way, hopefully this post will educate those who have never heard of them before, and also show you how cute they are. I think they are cute (love the picture of one in the snow at the end)!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Thoughts on Katie Waissel and X Factor 2010

So Katie Waissel has been saved for a third time in a row on this year's X Factor; the show is this year's biggest joke. Firstly, how Wagner and Cher Lloyd are still in the competition is beyond me. My friends describe the former as the John Sergeant of Strictly, whilst the second is like Cheryl Cole in Captain America. With a quarter of the acts left being complete jokes, and "potential winner" Aiden recently ousted, what is still making this show so popular?

Hereafter Film Trailer Preview (and Movie Poster)

Hereafter is a film about three people who have recently encountered death of some sort (including a school boy who loses his brother) seek out a psychic (Matt Damon) who can speak to the dead, but is reluctant to. Their lives intertwine in some way or another and I suppose the film deals with different aspects of death.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Back to December by Taylor Swift Live (CMA 2010)

Taylor Swift performed "Back To December" at the CMA Awards and it was flawless. The set was absolutely stunning (loved the snow that fell during the "cold days" verse) and I loved the simplicity of her vocals. Did anyone notice her saying (or mouthing) "WHAT?" at the end of her performance? I wonder what that was about...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 10 Recap

The first Tyra Mail tells them about their inevitable Go-see Challenge, but before they do, they get taught how to put their portfolio together by Tyra, which I think is very important, and surprised that this is a first on the show. 

The girls have four locations to get to around Milan, conveniently placed North, South, East and all over the city, including fashion house Versace! Jane and Chris get to Versace first, whilst Kayla, Chelsey and Ann get lost and find it later, wasting time waiting... Versace was quite critical of the girls actually- saying how Chelsey's look is two seasons ago (LOL) 

After Versace, the girls split up whilst Chris and Jane stay together. However, after getting quite lost
and not being able to work the Metro, they get back to IMG with 40 minutes spare. Chelsey manages to make it to her second go-see and gets back with 5 minutes spare. Ann gets all frustrated and again paranoid that all the other girls have gone to all the go-sees and are back at IMG- SERIOUSLY GIRL HAVE SOME SELF CONFIDENCE! VERSACE LOVED YOU. Ann is 20 minutes late back to IMG but only managed Versace, and Kayla is lost but gets back 45 minutes after the deadline.

The winner of the challenge is of course Chelsey who managed two go-sees and got good feedback from both. She wins a Versace jacket. Meh. Versace said they'd book Ann for Editorial AND shows- screw you Chelsey!

For their photoshoot, the girls go to Lake Como where they will pose as statues, brought to life by their sculptor of a male model (where Kayla yelps "AGAIN!?") YES Kayla, AGAIN. They've been put on payroll, so they're making good use of 'em.
NOOO Jane doesn't do well in her shoot- I loved the picture released before this ep was aired- so surprised to see Nigel and Jay both say negative things about her on the shoot- let's hope Tyra loves her photo because she isn't ready to go home yet! Or better still, let's hope Chris does BA-A-a-dddd...

Chelsey does amazing- urgh... as does Ann... as does Kayla... damn--- Chris you better SUCK... so nervous now... NOO- Chris does well as well but progressively got worse towards the end of the shoot... I think Jane is going home because she did the worse at the shoot. I really hope they save her...

At panel, Kayla gets good critique for her photo but not her go-seeing which she didn't manage to book. Chelsey booked 1 out of 2 go-sees, and her photo was praised. However, Tyra critiqued that it wasn't "model" it was "beautiful woman". Chris booked none of the go-sees, and her photo was "good" not great. Her head and face was terrible (hopefully she goes home!) Ann got "booked" for Versace (which basically means she can screw this competition) and her photo was stunning, but was critiqued on her lack of personality. 

Jane of course was last to be critiqued... and her face did lack emotion... but her breaking down on set might save her as it shows she has personality. When asked at panel, she also started crying, which may get her brownie points. I don't know nor care who the guest judge was but you don't know anything. I think his exact words to Jane were "noone's saying you don't have personality---" HOLD UP. The judges said she didn't have personality earlier this cycle! I really hope she stays but who knows...

Chelsey is definitely staying for her stunning photo and her go-see challenge win. Ann will too because she got one booking out of two. Kayla's photo was stunning, so I think she'll stay... I predict first call out is Chelsey.

At deliberation, Tyra expressed her love for Chris' photo but for Jane basically said out loud she was going home... THAT STUPID GUEST JUDGE who said she needed more time than the competition will take to find her personality URGH- Bottom two definitely Chris and Jane, and I really want Jane to stay but from the editing, seems like she is going home, though the judges can eliminate anyone they wish and have good reason for it. SOO NERVOUS.

In the end... Kayla gets first call out (twice now) followed by Chelsey. In the bottom two are Chris and Jane... 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Avril Lavigne Goodbye Lullaby (4th Album News) 1st Single [What The Hell] out JANUARY 2011

Avril Lavigne has finally released some information about her upcoming fourth album, which fans have waited four years for. Her last album was "The Best Damn Thing" released in 2007. On her website, she blogs: 

"I’m done with my 4th  record!!! Well, actually I have been done for a year…  " 

Last Night Movie Trailer Preview

The UK trailer to the upcoming film starring Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington has been released. The previously released Italian trailer was so funny, but it's finally good to be able to hear what they are saying. The film is about a couple who is tempted by someone else into an affair, but is hesitant due to what their spouse might say, as they do not know the other is in the exact same position.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Rihanna Loud Album Review

Rihanna’s new album LOUD declares an exit from her dark Rated R era, just under one year since her last release. Is it too soon? This album sees her in a colourful, fun, happy way. With singles “Only Girl”, “What’s my name” and promo “Who’s that chick” already hitting radios way before the album was released, a lot of hype was formed around this album… does it live up to the hype? You can check out my preview before reading the review here.

All About Steve Film Review

I saw this movie over the weekend after all the hype about how crap it was and the fact that Sandra Bullock picked up a raspberry (worse actress) award in 2010 for it before her Oscar in "The Blind Side". I really like Sandra Bullock so either way it shouldn't be too bad? or so I thought.

Sandra Bullock plays a character called Mary who is a crossword creator. On a blind date set up by her parents, Mary meets Steve, a supposedly "hot" cameraman (Bradley Cooper-could've been hotter) and instantly sets her eyes on him, who gets freaked out. Mary's obsessive compulsion brings her to follow Steve to his on-the-road style journalism, only to be told to go back home.
Spurred on by Steve's reporter crew played by Thomas Haden Church, Mary continuously follows, despite being rejected to the face. Meeting friends on the way, Mary's road trip turns into an adventure as she faces danger and creativity, her final feat brings her to find herself more loved than she ever thought she could be. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Just Go With It Movie Trailer Preview

The trailer for the upcoming comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler has been released. Sandler plays a man who pretends to be married to get girls, but when he meets the "girl of his dreams", he tells her he is getting a divorce. As with all rom-com situations, she demands to meet his soon to be ex-wife. Jennifer Aniston who is Sandler's assistant, pretends to be his ex-wife and somehow manages to involve her children as well.

Cute Animals: Baby Deer

Made popular by Disney film "Bambi", you'd pick up on how cute deer are, the way they hop and skip and their curiosity with all things. There are many types of deer and they can be found all over the world including Britain.

I think they are very cute, especially the baby deer... not too fond of the adult ones though- they can be aggressive- they're pretty, but not cute... if only they could stay as fawns forever.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 9 Recap

So after a lot of waffle with Miss Jay taking the girls to Venice, California and another Tyra actress stunt, the girls are told they are going to Venice...ITALY. So after a lot of holiday footage, where Liz gets crapped on by a bird, they get Tyra Mail in a beautiful envelope like it should be. 

The photoshoot will be themed on Casanova, which is pretty cool and will be shot with the girls on the water in a gondola. For the first time, I feel this is a high fashion shoot- FINALLY. So the girls are split up into two groups.

Liz, Kayla, Chris- Kayla was so soft and subtle (first callout?), Chris was a flop, although Liz did keep complaining so she could be sent home, though she did look good overall. 

Chelsea, Ann, Jane- Ann was a mess- again her expression was one of pain. Jane looked stunning in every shot and Chelsea was OK... 

The girls are told that they will be going to Milan the next day. Wow- that's pretty awesome!!! LOL @ Liz not knowing what Milan is and thinking "Mulan, Japan and dragons". She should get the boot just for that.
So whilst the girls are checking out their Milan pad, which is pretty small compared to previous cycles, Tyra pops in to tell the girls their small pad reflects reality of a model house. 

The girls won't have a challenge this week, but will be going to fashion house Missoni. The girls try on the winter collection and walk in front of Miss Jay, Missoni mum and Missoni daughter (who will also be at panel). They showed all the girls walk except Kayla (!?)

At panel, the girls were critiqued in their groups:

Ann, Jane, Chelsea- Chelsea got the best critique overall, with Ann being praised despite her uncomfortability, and the judges were split with Jane. Tyra thinks Jane did the best, whilst Nigel thinks she let the group down. Had he seen her film, he'd shut right up. LOVE JANE.

The girls get really hot and "ill" so the rest of the girls sit on the runway for their critique. First time in Top Model History!? I think so. 

Jane, Chris, Liz- Liz is critiqued along with Chris whilst Kayla gets praise all round. Liz and Chris to be in the bottom two... I think.

In the end, first call out went to Kayla, followed by Jane (YESSS!!!) In the bottom two are Liz and Chris with Liz eliminated- YESSSS!!! It was her time to go, made obvious by the editing...

Anyway, top three:
1. Jane 
2. Kayla
3. Ann

UPDATE: Next week, the girls will be on their Go-see Challenge, and for their photoshoot be real life statues- again, the shoot looks quite high fashion which is great. Did anyone catch the stunning shot of Jane after the preview on the CW website? LOVE IT.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Rihanna's Love The Way You Lie Part 2 ft. Eminem

"Love The Way You Lie Part 2" is a follow up song to the hit, which will feature Eminem, to be on Rihanna's upcoming album, Loud.

The song features verses from Rihanna with the same chorus from "Love The Way You Lie" and Eminem raps in one verse with a similar beat to the first song. 

Monday, 1 November 2010

Never Let Me Go- Kazuo Ishiguro Book Review

I bought this book so I could read it before the film came out, hearing how good it was supposed to be. I was not disappointed at the overall book, but do feel for the tragedy that this is and in this way, it is definitely a successful book.

The cover of the book features a [young] girl in a turquoise dress in motion, supposedly dancing, and if you read the book, this image and its significance will dawn on you, making this an extremely relevant and heartbreaking cover. Every time you see it, you will think about the story and how it unfolds.

Split into three parts, this book follows the lives of three Hailsham students through the eyes of Kathy H, as she retells their life at Hailsham, their relationships in the Cottages, and the revelations of becoming a carer. The way this book is set out and the way it is told is also significant, in that Kathy specifically retells it like she retold one of her patients.

Hailsham students were special. They were made for a purpose and there was little or no way to avoid the fate that awaits them. After Hailsham, being a carer was almost inevitable, before they started "donating", but a rumour about deferrals started giving the three hope for a different future.

I am especially impressed with the way the book is written. There isn't a fluid progression from the events mentioned in this book, and they are captured almost in episodes. In this way, the memories of Kathy H are relayed just as she thinks of them, and having read the book, these memories almost become our memories. 

At first, I was not at all happy with this. It was difficult to read and grasp what happens. What Kathy refers to on the first page may only be revealed a few pages later (after lots of setting and scene and rambling) or precursored in the first part, only to be explained in the next. I suppose again, this was almost how the students were taught at Hailsham, always aware but never told and they only find out at a later stage what all they learnt previously meant. 

The ending was of course tragic, but the way everything unravels near the end, you were grasping to know the truth, which kept being delayed. There was almost a sense of rush throughout the book that you wanted to just read on to find out more... until you ran out of pages. This ending in a way could leave you unfulfilled and disappointed, but the way it did end fulfilled the purpose of the book. I shan't spoil it for you, but you will be flipping the pages when you reach the end, wanting more.

The book may not be the most exciting, but it intrigues you and grabs you from beginning to end. The obvious twist doesn't shock you as much as the sheer pace of the end, and how it just stops, making you want more and not getting it. A modern day tragedy. Now I can't wait to see the film starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. Check out the trailer here.

Cute Animals: Baby Badgers

Moving closer to home, badgers are surprisingly common in the UK. I have never personally seen one, but they appear to be sweet on TV especially their curiosity. However, they are known to be pests- raiding bins and eating scraps...

They can be a pest and be cute right? Because you can't argue they have cute qualities about them... especially their striped face and button nose.. Aww... 


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