Saturday, 9 October 2010

Stair Dismount (iPhone App) Review

My friend introduced me to this Apple app called Stair dismount, which coincidentally was featured in the Metro newspaper for being controversial. The game begins with you choosing a character or doll- a faceless plain humanoid figure that comes in a range of sizes (some needs to be unlocked online) that resemble stick figures people use in art for sketches with those flexible limbs if you know what I mean. You can also paste a picture of someone's face onto the doll if you desire. You will see why in a bit!

The aim of this game is for you to push your ragdoll from a high location and watching it drop, encountering numerous obstacles in the way which breaks its bones and then falling through to the floor for that final blow. The app has numerous levels featuring different locations that will not cease to entertain, such as at the top of a pyramid, a construction site or at the top of a ski slope. You are scored on how many bones you manage to break, with head and spine gaining most points, these are also in turn governed by the height in which you fall and if other bones break simultaneously, which generates combos.

About the controversy, I have to say that this is just a game and people should see it as that. There is no difference pushing Barbie and Ken dolls off a table top and watching them flail as they hit the floor. One friend commented how if this was real and it was somehow (just imagine) linked to real life and you are actually controlling the execution of someone on the other side of the world through pushing them off... spooky!

This game is surprisingly enjoyable and if anything, provides you with a good physics lesson as to how your body would be affected if dropped at high altitudes. Did I forget to mention the fall is fully equipped with sound effects of breaking bones!? That adds to the fun altogether, making this one twisted, yet addictive game you can just pick up and play. Anytime. 

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