Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Sims 3 DS Preview + Trailer

Having always been a Sims fan, I am excited to have seen the trailer for The Sims 3 DS, which promises a whole lot of customisation and the most advanced game play ever released for the handheld. This is the first time the PC version of the game is ported to the Nintendo DS, making full use of the touch screen.

The create-a-sim element looks well done and will promise an extensive range of customisation tools to change face shape, contours etc, whilst creating and decorating lots will also be expansive and there seems to be quite a lot of furniture and build objects. The graphics on the system is not great for the game, but the cute animations will work nonetheless.

Whilst the PC version offers almost endless possibilities and things to carry out, I personally doubt the potential of this handheld game to do the same. Many of the "things" that the Sims can do are carried out in the house, with locations being repeated, also most likely rabbit holes.

I am quite eager to see how socials will be carried out and if it will be as complex as the PC version. If the earlier GBA/DS titles are anything to go by, they will be rather linear, although dialogue (if it exists) will prove to be entertaining.

I can see this game being a closer relative to the mobile version than the computer version, just slightly more advanced. However, it should still provide hours and hours of fun... and without lag! Overall, this will almost definitely be the best Sims game for the DS, but in no way will it compare to the PC version.

The Sims 3 DS is released in late October, with a 3D version for the Nintendo 3DS released later on. Check out the trailer below:

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