Friday, 29 October 2010

Pierre Cordier Chemigrams (V&A Shadow Catchers)

Previously, I blogged about photograms from Adam Fuss and Susan Derges, but having finally visited the V&A Shadow catchers exhibition, which was totally breathtaking, I now blog about Pierre Cordier, who works in the same way, but uses chemicals to treat the photographic plate to create stunning chemigrams.

The intricacy of his work is really puzzling. I personally have no idea how he could create such piecesof work. Does he drop different chemicals with a pipette or does he somehow create some sort of structure to obscure the light? Whilst they may look like woodblock carvings or some other sort of print, they are indeed chemigrams which makes their creation process all the more fascinating. Be prepared to be WOWed by his work.


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  1. I saw this exhibition and also absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing Cordier's work I'm going to have a look at what you wrote about Fuss and Derges (Derges was my favourite photographer I think)
    I wrote something about it here;


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