Friday, 15 October 2010

Endlessly- Duffy Album Preview (+ "Well, Well, Well" Music Video)

Duffy's lead single from upcoming album "Endlessly" has been released, called "Well well well" and is an extremely fun and upbeat song with the catchy hook "Well, well, well" which does grate the first few times you listen to it, but gets very addictive.

From this, "Endlessly" appears to be a more fun album (with colour!) given the promo pic released above and the more upbeat sound, although it retains the Duffy style we love from "Rockferry".


1. My Boy
2. Too Hurt To Dance
3. Keeping My Baby
4. Well Well Well
5. Don't Forsake Me
6. Endlessly
7. Breath Away
8. Lovestruck
9. Girl
10. Hard For The Heart
11. Endlessly

EDIT: She performed "Endlessly" last night on Jools Live and it sounds great! Can't wait to hear the studio version. A very soft and heartfelt song unlike any other heard before.

I can't wait till this album is released on November 29th. Check out the video to "Well, Well, Well" below:

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