Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bourne 4: The Bourne Legacy In The Works

Talks about a fourth movie has been going since the last film, but now, we have some solid information. The director for the fourth installment of the Bourne Series, titled The Bourne Legacy has been confirmed to be Tony Gilroy.

No cast members are yet to be associated with this project, but will Matt Damon return to reprise his role as Jason Bourne? Damon once said he would not do another film unless Paul Greengrass was directing. Since Bourne, they worked together on The Green Zone. According to reports, the film is likely to go ahead whether or not Damon is part of it, but they hope their big fat cheque will entice him to take this project up...

The story will NOT be based on the novel by Eric Van Lustbader, so we will have to see how they will invent a story that will fit with the past three movies. How much more running will Jason Bourne have to do anyway? Assumed dead, Bourne's return will have to be high profile if it is to induce more frantic police chases and crazy fake conspiracies.

I'm afraid the film industry has come to this sad stage where money has to be made at the expense of phenomenal franchisses such as this. What people will do for money!

Personally, the way things ended in The Bourne Ultimatum was satisfactory, and this latest film can only ruin the franchise, made worse if Matt Damon doesn't reprise his role as Jason Bourne. We can only wait and see what happens to this unecessary money-milking project.

UPDATE: Gilroy stated in a interview that The Bourne Legacy will not have Matt Damon or the character of Jason Bourne himself. Whilst he "exists", the story will feature new characters, new assassins and all that... one word. STUPID.

How can he expect to call his film "Bourne" anything if Bourne isn't even in it. I am 100% boycotting this film unless this changes.

UPDATE: A release date of 3 August 2012 has been set.

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