Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Banksy's Controversial Opening to "The Simpsons"

The opening of "The Simpsons" on Sunday was like any other, except some blatant Banksy tags scribbled on the Springfield billboards and walls; with Bart's chalk board lines reading "I Must Not Write All Over The Walls". All seems well when all Simpsons members return home to sit on their classic couch... I was quite disappointed up until this point, and then the magic happens.

We are taken to an Asian sweatshop where Simpsons merchandise are made in the most inhumane ways... using toxic chemicals, child labour, killing cats and stuffing them, making pandas carry heavy loads, beheading dolphins and using their tongues as glue as well as using the horn of a unicorn to punch holes in CDs...
The darkness of all this caused controversy but certainly this shouldn't come as a surprise, given it IS Banksy! I thought it was a nice change to the other more "comedic" openings and atleast it makes people talk and think about the issues at hand...

What do you think? Watch the opening below:

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