Thursday, 28 October 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 8 Recap

After Liz rubs into our face how happy she is to get best photo of the week, Zac Posen walks into their house to inform them of an upcoming runway show they'll be walking in his designs. The girls will be walking amongst "real" working models, with a twist.

They have to be mean to the girls to see who keeps their composure. I LOLed at Kayla's comment: "The models seem bitchy, I'm sure they didn't walk out of the womb on the runway." This is another obvious gimmick to entertain and it worked, but for the high fashion cycle, it again appears to be too fake.

Anyway, on the actual runway, Jane opened the show (yay!) she did ok... Liz looked like a man, Ann got so psyched she nearly tripped over (lol!), I thought Kayla did well... but Chelsea got a "she's cute" comment from Miss Jay so who knows...

The winner will win five looks from the Z-Spoke collection... and the winner is... Chelsea (a bit predictable from the editing...) Meh.

Nigel and Jay pops in to tell them about their upcoming commercial, selling H2T (water?) on rollerskates which also involves a kiss with a man which Kayla was NOT happy about because she was assaulted at a young age... When she said she didn't want to do it and it freaks her out, I was scared she was going to quit but I know she's stronger than that so hopefully she does a good job!

Kayla did forget her lines but her last moment with the guy was sweet and believable, Liz was a hot mess - was she drunk!? Ann was so scared and she fell over that I think it would not work at all and she would have hardly any footage... you do feel sorry for her though... They didn't show enough of Jane at all, just her skidding around in her rollerskates :P Hope her lines were good.

At panel, Jane's best take was SO good, she was so sweet and smiled all the time- SHE IS A COVERGIRL! Chris got total praise (first callout?) whilst Ann was criticized for her fear and look of pain. Kayla forgot the ingredient in the water and said iguana LOL! 

After deliberation... the first girl called was Chris for her commercial... followed by JANE (YES!!) and Chelsea. In the bottom two were Ann and Esther. I don't think Ann deserved to be in the bottom, as Liz's commerical could not have sold at all either... so now it makes it super obvious Esther is going home because Ann is super amazing at photoshoots... maybe this will give Ann a kick up the backside to do better... anyway, the girl sent home was... Esther. Blah.

Top Three:
1. Jane
2. Kayla
3. Ann

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