Thursday, 21 October 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 7 Recap

After some bitchy chit chat about Kacey, the girls get taken to some sort of museum with MJ stuff. . . blah blah blah... the challenge is the girls have to pair up, each girl picks an outfit for their partner. Jay will pick a pair and Neil Portnow will pick the overall winner. The winning girl gets to hand out an award at the Grammies.
Despite being told to get a long flowing tight fitting dress, Kayla got Liz a punk rock look. Ann struggled finding anything at all, and Jane was a bit vexed findin something for Esther due to her bust size.

Kayla / Liz- The girls looked nice but not fantastic. Liz responded really nicely to whether it was what she wanted, as Kayla got her the exact opposite :3

Kendal / Chris- They looked quite trampy and could not handle the questions. Their response was ba-aad!

Jane / Esther- The dresses they wore were SO plain and boring.. It fitted them well, but definitely wasn't a red carpet event type outfit. :(

Chelsea / Ann - Chelsea picked the perfect dress for Ann, she looked stunning and I do feel bad for Chelsea because Ann couldn't really decide what to pick. But Chelsea did look good in it, she just lacked confidence.

In the end, the winning team is Kayla and Liz, and Neil Portnow picked Kayla to be the Grammy girl!! YESSS Will be watching in February to see her do it! GO KAYLA!!! Rihanna has red hair now... so imagine if Kayla handed an award to her :P

For their photoshoot, each model has to portray a famous designer - kind of stupid theme I think and they will be posing with another female model who will be wearing the designs. 

Personally, they could've done what they've done before by having the girls do both parts and then manipulating it afterwards into one composition. Alternatively, they could've paired the girls up and done it that way... but it would be unfair as the "model" part would obviously be easier... Plus, some of the girls will be posing as guy designers so that immediate gives an additional difficulty which again, is not fair.

Liz- John Galliano
Chelsey- Carolina Herrera
Chris- Betsey Johnson
Kendal- Vera Wang
Kayla- Vivienne Westwood
Jane- Marc Jacobs
Ann- Alexander Wang
Esther- Christophe Decarnin

The standouts during the photoshoot were Ann, Liz and Kayla. At panel, Kayla, Liz and Ann got good feedback, critiqued were Esther, Jane and Kendal. Predictions are that Esther and Kendal will be in the bottom two, whilst Liz or Kayla will get first call out. Ann "could" get first call out but it would again be WAY WAY WAY over the top if she does. It would totally be for publicity... we will see...

In the end, Liz was called first, followed by Kayla and Ann. YES THE STREAK HAS BEEN BROKEN. AS much as I like her photos, she can't get first call out all the time... The bottom two were Esther and Kendal and eliminated was. . . KENDAL. Meh she was gonna go anyway... 

Top three:
1. Kayla
2. Ann
3. Jane

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