Thursday, 14 October 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 6 Recap

The girls get sent a package, and inside are the details of their first challenge. They receive Covergirl goodies that they will need to use, showing the public how to use them and market the product, along with themselves. The girls are split into groups and the winning group will receive a shopping spree on the Covergirl aisle.

Team 1: Ann, Kendal, Jane
Kendal did most of the talking and wasn't really engaging, applying the make up on Ann, who looked really scared the whole time. Jane, despite not saying very much, said what she said sweetly and I thought she was VERY Covergirl.

Team 2: Kacey, Kayla, Esther
I thought this group were really honest and engaging, with Kacey and Kayla both making jokes and the audience laugh which is good. Winning Team I think!!

Team 3: Liz, Chris, Chelsea
Chris was totally ghetto and although being quite charismatic, didn't work as a team and did undermine Chelsea when she was talking. Liz didn't say a thing, or it was so rubbish it got cut out. 

After their group presentations, the girls were led to another room, where they were going to watch a live interview Nigel Barker conducts on the crowd, so they can see what the people think of them. I think this is really good, not only for the obvious comedic and entertainment purposes, but models do need to work the brand that is themselves and to make themselves memorable in order to be that fashion icon.

They didn't show what the public had to say about all the girls. Chris' overpowering-ness got picked up on, one guy liked Kayla's sporty approach, Ann was too quiet and people thought Kacey was sweet. I'm glad their got a public opinion, because let's face it, the judgements on this show are so skewed.

So not only were the crowd interviewed, but they gave scores to each girl and Ann got the lowest score, with Kacey getting the highest score. In the end, group two won the challenge- WOO! Well deserved.

For their photoshoot, the girls go to Rodeo Drive to do motion group shots with male models... again!? Are they like on their payroll or something that they're using them over and over? The girls will be shooting in pairs.

Ann was stiff on set, Jane looked so good but didn't shine,  Liz was limp, Kendal was stunning walking down the street, Chelsea was really nervous, everyone else was average.

At panel, Kendal was praised for her presence and her close up was really stunning. Kayla's long shot- the face- OH MY DAYS- looks like Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland!!!

Jane was praised- she did look stunning, and the thing about her close up is that she has a different emotion to the other girls, a sort of frailty and softness- LOVE IT. (Fav shot of the week). Ann was praised like hell AGAIN... The long shot was good but her close up was really awkward- her film was crap- I agree with Tyra- HOW DOES SHE DO IT. She's so awkward on film but the shots come out! She will NOT get first call out. Just no... Last but not least, Chris' shot... I thought it was phenomenal, she looks SO OLD in person but this shot was sweet and young- she looks like her sister actually.

In Deliberation, they also looked at beauty shots that were taken of the girls.

I don't really know whose going to be called first... Ann doesn't deserve another first callout but you never know with these shows... I personally think Kendal deserves first call out... and in the bottom two, as much as it pains me, I think Kayla and Liz will be in the bottom with Liz eliminated. :3

In the end... first call-out goes to... OH NO THEY DIDNT... ANN. . . seriously... why don't you just GIVE the girl the Vogue cover... she's photogenic and perfect for it... leave the Covergirl and other prizes for someone else. This girl just ain't the whole package! I like her, but this is over the top. Anyway, Ann was followed by... JANE!!! YESS THIS GIRL IS STUNNING THIS WEEK... GO JANE! Kendal was third...

The bottom two are Kayla and Kacey. D: I am stuck... They could eliminate Kacey for her flatness in her eyes, but she's won challenges and she has charisma... or Kayla, who was so stunning and has so much edge... who will they eliminate? 

KAYLA STAYS! YESSSS!! I was almost sure she was gonna go but YESSSS they got rid of the right person... :P Kacey can be a TV personality or something... but let Kayla do the modelling...

Top three:
1. Ann
2. Kayla
3. Jane

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