Thursday, 7 October 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 5 Recap

The girls' first challenge is to walk in a runway show in Herve Leroux designs, located in a closed off tunnel, and they will be walking on a conveyor belt which was pretty cool and grounds for hilarity. Almost all the girls fell and couldn't really walk- their face was total wipe out. Liz swore loudly, Kendal's shoe fell off, Esther fell over at the end of her walk off stage and Chris fell over at the end but bounced up and down on the soft bit.. Eeek! 

Some girls did well though- Lexie didn't fall and she managed to stay composed- GO LEXIE! Kacey also did quite well but don't like her... The winner of the challenge will receive Lisa Freede jewellery and the winner is...Kacey! D: Urgh Lexie did better imo... she was so whiny after the win ><

The girls had a quick chat with Karolina Kurkova about keeping healthy after hearing about Ann's deep fried Oreos (yum?) and she made them all a fruit smoothie... :3 

For their photoshoot, the theme is some sort of crazy Mexican wrestling with the girls in crazy outfits as well... interesting concept, and I'd expect some really strong and high fashion poses. Had Rhianna stayed, she'd knock this one out.

Was it just me or was Liz COMPLAINING AGAIN? Seriously, shut up and get off the show you whiny cow! The photographers were really quite harsh on the girl. At one point, the son was like "MONEY MONEY MONEY" at Ann which was a bit extreme- true, but extreme... Ann unecessarily broke down afterwards for no reason. She got first call-out THREE weeks in a row. She ain't getting eliminated. Just learn from it and move on!

At panel, Ann gets stunning critique AGAIN... seriously, is some sort of conspiracy going on here? I mean, they didn't even critique her on breaking down/keeping it together as they usually would for other girls... hmm... Chris got good feedback, as did Esther (though I thought her shot was weak as it looked like the man was pulling her more than she was him)! I like Jane's shot- it was a bit hoochie but it's simple. Kayla did well; I really liked her hair in the shot :3

After the deliberation, I think Lexie and Jane will be in the bottom two with Jane eliminated... I'm going to take a risk and say Ann gets first call-out. We will see!!

In the end, ANN DID GET FIRST CALL OUT AGAIN. FOUR TIMES IN A ROW- A top model FIRST. Ann was followed by Chris, who did the jumping shot- thought she looked like a crazy chicken... 
In the bottom two were Lexie and Jane (as I predicted) and Jane got saved! D: I didn't really see this coming as I thought they'd save Lexie based on her personality. Previously, they almost always took on the girl with more personality...

Again, they eliminated a girl that I liked... so my new top three are:

1. Ann
2. Kayla
3. Jane

I don't really like any of the other girls... I guess Jane is the next likeable one but I can foresee her going very shortly... :(

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