Sunday, 19 September 2010

Doritos' Late Night Videomerical- Rihanna "Who's That Chick"

A new video surfaced last friday featuring Rihanna dancing away in funky outfits. What many people suspected to be a track from her upcoming album "Loud" is in fact an internet commercial music video for the much loved crisps Doritos.

In a tweet, Rihanna wrote " Who's that Chick, is an online music video/commercial that we shot for Doritos and it got leaked......... " and later added "I don't want u to get confused...doritos is in no way connected to LOUD".

Commercial or not, "Who's that Chick?" is an upbeat and fun sound that is super addictive, perhaps more so than "Only Girl", Rihanna's lead single from new album "Loud", to be released mid-November. Rih-sexuals/Rihanna Navy/Other stans, please don't hate.

EDIT: Doritos has now officially released the videomercial and it can be accessed at Doritos Late Night. All you need is a packet of doritos, or take a picture of the following symbol using a camera or a phone.

Show it to your webcam when asked to unlock the video, and it will teach you how to use it as this symbol will also be used to change day/night mode for the video. I found it almost impossible to change to night mode as my web cam doesn't seem to pick up the symbol and when i finally have got it to work, it shifts out of focus too quickly. I could not maintain the symbol in focus long enough to see the whole thing in night time which sucks.

The premise of this videomercial has great potential but the specifics really made it a complete pain in the backside to actually get working (if you can manage it). Personally, this is something I'm going to have to Youtube at a later date.

Having finally managed to see the video from a kind Youtuber, I can say that this is a really good video and done really well. The opposites are very subtle but very contrastin as well. From the opening shot, it just captivates you, and I'm definitely more drawn to the dark side. 

It just sucks that it takes so much effort to see this video and many will give up. What's more, the man introducing the video is completely lame, scary and really cringing. 

Check out the vids here:

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