Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife DVD Review

I heard good things about this movie (plus it stars gorgeous Rachel McAdams) so how could I resist? This film is adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger.

The DVD cover features the stunning Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana- lovely shot of her and definitely enchanting from the composition which reflects their relationship in the movie.

I hadn't read the book before seeing this, so did not know the general plot of the film, further confused by the constant nakedness of our lead Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) within five minutes of the film starting! 

Basically, Henry can teleport or rather time travel but he cannot control it. One time, he meets Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams) who claims she met him as a little girl and that they are best friends. They fall in love and get married, but Clare realises being a wife of a time traveller is harder than she thought.

This film isn't a typical love story; there isn't a chase and there aren't that many emotions thrown about during their courtship. It is until after they're married that things hit them and they realise their life isn't as easy as it seems. Up until this point, the film pretty much plateaued and wasn't really dynamic, although it did bring about intrigue and a lot of topless Eric Bana (fans, don't miss!). 

Once they do get married though, the film takes it up a notch and the tone darkens as they try for a baby, darkened further by the spontaneous appearance of a future Henry, dying infront of their eyes. From this point forward, you really get intrigued with their life, their individual struggles with each other and the comprehension of the future. 

Despite such darkly turn in which you really don't know how it will end, the ending brings you out of such darkness (quite sad what happens) and delivers a message of hope that I really liked and I am sure will satisfy most people.

Rachel McAdams- Clare Abshire
Eric Bana- Henry DeTamble

Rachel McAdams does a phenomenal role as Clare Abshire. Her portrayal of the role is believable and genuine, although at times reserved. I felt she could've taken the emotions even further as a woman living a torn life, but she did look stunning throughout!

Eric Bana was another actor who really impressed me. Whilst he didn't really shine in Troy and The Other Boleyn Girl apart from looking buff in all of them (including this one), it appears he connected more with this role and thus cemented his place on my list of actors to watch :D

Also stars Arliss Howard, Michelle Nolden and Alex Ferris.

Surprisingly, this DVD doesn't contain many extra features- only theatrical trailers and some cast interviews... As it is a book adaptation, surely there should be more featurettes on transforming it, choosing locations and interviews with the author and how she thought the film would be etc.

Whilst it was slightly confusing how Henry transports himself and what is all happening from the beginning (as I hadn't read the book) the story forms quickly and even through all the time travelling, it makes a lot of sense and you can put the pieces together. Many films that have overlapping timelines and so on are overcomplicated, but this works really well throughout. The cast are supreme in the movie and really bring out the rollercoaster of a storyline to justice. I really like this film and will be looking to read the book soon.


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