Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Taylor Swift- Speak Now Album Tracklist Preview

Taylor Swift has announced the tracklist to her highly anticipated upcoming album "Speak Now" which hits shelves on October 25th. The album features fourteen tracks written by Swift herself, including lead single "Mine" and "Innocent" which was debuted at the VMAs 2010.


1. 'Mine'
2. 'Sparks Fly'
3. 'Back to December'
4. 'Speak Now'
5. 'Dear John'
6. 'Mean'
7. 'The Story of Us'
8. 'Never Grow Up'
9. 'Enchanted'
10. 'Better Than Revenge'
11. 'Innocent'
12. 'Haunted'
13. 'Last Kiss'
14. 'Long Live'

Having heard "Mine", I am pretty excited about this album as it does feel slightly more grown up. There is also a hint of edge and darkness in "Mine" that perhaps shows Swift not to be the perfect sweet girl "Fearless" and her self titled album suggested.

EDIT: Having also heard "Speak Now", which is a brilliant song about ruining a wedding, I am even more excited for the album. This song has great progression in the form of a story/narrative much like Love Story.

EDIT2: Back to December has to be one of my favourite tracks off the album. I love the chorus and the lyrics are sublime. <3 Love Love Love!

EDIT3: "Mean" is upbeat and catchy but isn't one of my fav tracks. It's an exciting one with again, great lyrics, but has a bit too much "country" feel to it than I'd like... Still a good song though!  
I am eager to hear "Haunted", "Last Kiss" and "Better Than Revenge" as they all have that same dark tone to their name... but all will be revealed in late October given it doesn't leak! EEK!

I'm excited, are you?

Check out the video for "Mine" below:

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