Sunday, 12 September 2010

Shrink by Lawrence Malstaf

Artist Lawrence Malstaf has utilised a very simple idea (the use of vacuum bags) to devise this wonderful piece of performance art that is conceptually interpretive, symbolic and quite wow-ing.

The mechanism of the performance involves the performers entering the bag, and as the air is slowly sucked out, they position themselves until there is just a bit of air to form a small bag for them to move around.

Reading descriptions of their performances, it sounds very symbolic; the most obvious being a symbol for birth- the bag being a womb and the performers in a foetal position.

I guess we can make a whole number of other interpretations of being trapped, restricted or how we are "suffocating" in our current world or scenario and I'm sure many people will be able to relate and be personally influenced or inspired by the art.

I would love to go see this for myself as it just doesn't compare seeing pictures or videos. Click here to see a video, or alternatively see some more pictures below of various performances.

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  1. You found some excellent pictures of the project, I really wish I could see it...or even take part!!


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