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Charice - Charice Pempengco Album Review

After seeing Charice Pempengco star in Glee as "Sunshine" and hearing her sing "Telephone" (By Lady Gaga) and "Listen", I just knew she was something spectacular and I was right- a Youtube sensation that shot to fame and has recently released her self-titled international album, Charice.

A simple full portrait of the singer against a coloured background and rounded text form the cover of the album. I think it is very minimalistic which is nice; I'm unsure though, of her facial expression- she looks in pain opposed to the edgy look I presume she is trying to achieve. 

The album contains twelve tracks:
1. Pyramid (featuring Iyaz) 4/5 [Solo version gets 5/5]
This song is really catchy from when it begins and has all the right ingredients for a pop hit. Having also heard the solo version, I personally prefer the solo version, but I can see how this collab. with Iyaz will gain more widespread appeal. The chorus is music dynamite!

2. Reset 4.5/5
A strong beat introduces this song, which has a bit of a quirky verse, but easily leads into a hip chorus which resembles something from early Rihanna. It is another catchy track which is extremely easy to listen to and simply quite addictive.

3. In This Song 4.5/5
An upbeat ballad showing off Charice's vocals. It is a good song, but isn't really as addictive, though it is wowing. This track reminds me of the sound similar to Rachael Lampa.

4. Nobody's Singin' To Me 5/5
I really like this song because it is extremely catchy and the chorus just sounds like something you can hear on the radio all the time- this I feel is a really strong HIT and should be released as a single ASAP. It sounds quite like Leona Lewis, because her vocals are used very well to compliment the song.

5. Thank You 4.5/5
A similar beat to "Reset" is found in this song which is a very upbeat ballad/pop track. Again, Charice's vocals sound fab but with a more rustic feel. This is another super strong song!

6. I Love You 3.5/5
The "Ai-ai-i-i-i" bit that starts this track is a bit TOO similar to Alicia Key's "No-one" but the similarity quickly diffuses into an upbeat and strong, but the chorus is rather cheesy. I don't like this as much, but Charice's vocals are flawless yet again!

7. In Love Too Deep 5/5
The Intro is much darker here with a rockier feel. It has a really familiar sound - it's as if I've heard it before somewhere else which isn't good as far as originality goes, but this song is phenomenal (best song on the album!?) so can't argue with that. Absolutely LOVE this.

8. All I Need To Survive 3.5/5
A soft ballad with great lyrics, but is overshadowed by her even stronger upbeat tracks. This is a good song, but really doesn't help being sandwiched between two stunning songs. The strong backing beat does help though.

9. Nothing 5/5
The chorus is what makes this song quite spectacular and is another upbeat track that is easy to be addicted to. At this point though, songs do start to sound quite similar, especially with the backing beat, so they really have to stand out.

10. The Truth Is 5/5
This starts off quite soft but gradually builds up to a more powerful ballad which works in this case, and does break up the previously strong beated track quite nicely.

11. I Did It For You 4/5
Surprisingly, this sounds different in some way, but is another upbeat track. It isn't WOW but isn't BLAH either, so it is quite nicely a strong track that you can listen to easily.

12. A Note To God 4.5/5
Being the last track to the album, "A Note To God" is a heartfelt soft ballad with meaningful lyrics. No other song on the album is like this and thus it leaves a lasting impression. It gradually grows in power and is another really strong song which did quite well in the charts (#44) being a lead single to this album, given her relative obscurity in the US when this album was released.

TRACKS TO LOVE: All of them are good, but the best are "Nobody's Singin' To Me", "In Love Too Deep", "Nothing", "The Truth Is" and "A Note To God".

The album overall is extremely song. Most of the tracks are super catchy and addictive, with an upbeat sound that many people will enjoy. Softer ballads break up the strong beated catchy tracks, although these are not always powerful enough to balance the sound out effectively, as they are sometimes just drowned and overshadowed by the addictictive pop hits.

The sound of the album is like a mix between Leona Lewis, Rachael Lampa, Holly Valance, Stacie Orrico and Rihanna-- she has undoubtably one of the strongest voices I have heard for a while combining all the positives from the artists listed above.

Charice Pempengco is from the Phillipines and she is the first Asian artist to have a Top 10 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, gain a #1 in the US dance chart and have a single reach top 40 on the UK chart. At just 18 years old, Charice has achieved only what some dream on, and her career continues to soar as she stars in Glee as a recurring character Sunshine. I eagerly await to see what she does next- she has a long career ahead of her!

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