Thursday, 30 September 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 4 Recap

The first challenge of the cycle brings the girls to Knott's Berry Farm theme park where they were given an emotion to portray whilst on the Silver Bullet Roller coaster- interesting concept for a challenge, certainly funny to watch as they screamed and [cried]. The winner of the challenge was Liz, who was given the word commericial/happy and all she did was smile cheesily- lame... had everyone been given that word I'm sure we'd have a different winner...

Anyway, Miss commercial brought Kayla and Chris to her prize of shooting the cover and afterwards had tea with Tyra herself and a quick chat...

The photoshoot this week was shot by Matthew Rolston in an underwater themed beauty shot selling jewellery. The concept was much more exciting than the previous photoshoots, though the dead eels and lobsters were a bit overrated.

It was really cool how the photographer directs the shoot like an artistic piece and how he tries to adjust things to make the model look their best, but it was a bit too far when he went to almost every girl to point out their facial imbalances and proportional problems...

The shoot went well for most, except for Liz who kept complaining during the shoot (= bottom two), although Rhianna got negative critique from Jay for being too Elizabethan?!

At panel, everyone got praise- oh how beautiful they look... there really wasn't much diversity and the results make the overall shoot look really flat and undiverse. Some did really well (Kayla, Ann) with awesome comments, whilst Liz was critiqued for complaining- she was even doing that whilst she was being judged... Rhianna was critiqued for looking the same every week and not really being versatile. Chelsey was called a drag queen.

So after deliberation, Ann got first call out- third time in a row! followed by Kacey (WTH) with Kayla not getting her call until near the end which is atrocious!!!

In the end, Rhianna and Liz were in the bottom and Rhianna got eliminated despite having an obviously better photo- lame!!!! It was quite obvious due to the editing that Rhianna would potentially be cut, but seeing her serene photo, I did have hopes she would be saved... I guess not.

My top three to win:
1. Ann
2. Kayla
3. Lexie

So next week, they are going to be doing some sort of shoot inside a fighting ring, supposedly looking fierce... Ann was shown to struggle, but you know what, there's bound to be a good shot in there and perhaps even get first call out again. Manly Liz and Chelsey may rise due to this particular theme, but we'll soon find out.

Sad that Rhianna is cut- she was so sweet- will the sun rise tomorrow?

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