Thursday, 23 September 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 3 Recap

This episode was the makeovers episode... Lexie, Ann and Rhianna made a fake list of makeovers and left it lying around, causing a stir around the house as they thought it was Tyra's plans for them- which I thought was super clever and wondered why it took 15 cycles for a girl to come up with it. Lexie will always be remembered for this stunt ;)

Again, no challenge, no prizes. But one girl WAS eliminated after their makeover photoshoot. That was Terra, because she was absolutely TERRAble! She just lost it and had a meltdown which really annoyed me because she had the face and she had the potential to do well. Her loss!

For their photoshoot, they were fallen angels and again, they had to choose their own descriptive words to describe themselves which included "predatorial", "seductive", "scorned" and "longing". None of the girls did a great job and the words were pretty random and uninspiring.

I thought the concept of the shoot was really uninspiring and again, NOT high fashion. By simplifying all the shoots, it leaves the girls with NOTHING to use and perhaps why this shoot was so bad!

At panel, almost everyone got bad critiques apart from Ann, Rhianna and Kayla; at the end of each critique, Tyra commented on how bad everyone did this week (she was not happy!). After deliberation, Tyra gathered a group of girls who did best this week which did not include Rhianna despite her good critique which I found really frustrating- I think she is completely underrated!!!

Anyway, first called was Ann, followed by Kayla (a pattern eh?), both well deserved, although Rhianna should've been called third.

In the bottom were Lexie and Sara. In the end, Sara was eliminated, although I think Lexie probably deserved to be eliminated more than Sara...

So my top three:
1) Rhianna
2) Ann
3) Kayla

Hopefully next week's photoshoot will be more creative and edgier!!   
Next week's preview shows the girls doing a challenge/photoshoot on a rollercoaster upside down! It seems like ANTM is finally back to normal with its craziness and perhaps this is the episode Rhianna will reign. Can't wait :D

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