Thursday, 16 September 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 2 Recap

The 14 girls move into their new house by the beach, a very modern build with lots of glass which looked nice and they even had their own indoor beach. Anyway, their first challenge was to walk on a transparent runway four storeys in the air with their audience below. Surprisingly, all managed to stay on the runway, even blind-without-glasses Kacey, who did a relatively good job. Unfortunately, there weren't any prizes for this "challenge"; I knew something was missing!

Their photoshoot this week focussed on bullying, where the models had to pick a word personal to them that they were bullied for, and also one that gives them power. The best word pairs were "queer-free", "giant-amazon", "stupid-undefinable". It wasn't an inspiring shoot at all but the message was good.

So after 14 boring shoots, Demi Lovato comes for a 30 second cameo- yawn!!

At panel, Diane Von Furstenburg was the guest judge, who was really nice to all the girls, and gave some really useful feedback- eloquent and soothing! As there were so many girls, they didn't get much feedback, very short things from the judges; but a longer praise went to Kayla and Ann, whilst Terra, Anamaria and a whole bunch of other girls were criticised.

Rhianna, who is my favourite- her personality is awesome- didn't do so well. Her picture was average- interesting pose, but wasn't stunning. From her "willow" and "cactus" poses she demonstrated at auditions, we really need a much more artistic concept for her to shine. She has true potential!

In the end, first call out went to Ann, followed by Kayla (I actually prefered Kayla's picture, but liked Ann more :P). The bottom two were Terra and Anamaria. Anamaria got eliminated for being too skinny- her bones were showing- it really wasn't healthy. I think the worst thing is that she thinks she is healthy and isn't willing to change. She was the mean girl as well so I'm glad she left!

Anyway, after this first proper episode, my top three are:

1. Rhianna
2. Ann
3. Sarah/Lexie

I always like the quirky weird ones :3

Overall, this episode was pretty boring due to the photoshoot. The runway challenge was good, but that was about it... Next week is makeovers? Looking forward to that and hopefully and more creative photoshoot.

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