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Toy Story 3 Film Review

I heard great things about this film and being a child who grew up watching the first film, it only seemed right to see this. Children nowadays didn't know what went on in the first one; they'll have to catch it on VHS or the re-released DVD.

It is now pretty standard to see a short animation before every Disney Pixar film and this one is titled day and night. I thought this was phenomenal. In a space of around five minutes, the simple "blobs" conveyed so much emotion and the dual expressions on their face and "inside their body?" really worked well. I really liked this short and can't wait to watch it again [on Youtube] or on the DVD when it is released.

Andy is going to college and has to get rid of his toys. By mistake, his mother (that cow) throws away his toys that were meant for the attic, but luckily the toys had more common sense than a full grown woman and escapes. Deciding that their fate at a day care centre would be better than being trash, they jump into the donation box and get whisked off to Sunnyside, despite Woody trying to convince them of Andy's true intentions.

At the Day care, the toys get warmly welcomed by Lotso Huggin' bear and Co. but Woody takes none of it and luckily escapes, gets found by Bonnie and is taken to her home. However, all is not as it seems and the day care turns into Hell, where the toys are tortured by the young children.
the help of Woody, who returns to aid their escape, the toys mustUpon trying to revolt, they are put in their place by Lotso and the newly configured Buzz.

With Woody's help (who realises the tyranny that exists at Sunnyside and returns), the toys must figure a way out of this war-zone, where every corridor, window and room is manned by an evil monkey and the minions of Lotso.

I thought the plot was rather solid, but my first dislike of the film came when the toys all come out and everyone was gone. Sold, donated, binned was the only explanation to the disappearing of Bo-Peep (and her sheep, which would've made great lovers to the alien men with three eyes), Etch-a-Sketch, The binoculars, the car, the rest of the army men (three existed)... Thankfully the crazy monkeys in a barrel made a quick appearance in the opening fantasy scene, which I thought was hilarious and perhaps one of the best parts of this film.

That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with the humour quite subtle and there are points that really did make me laugh. I really liked Mr Potato head as Mr Tortilla head, but the best bits go to Barbie and Ken, new toys that really should've made an appearance from the first film. I was surprised (and happy) to see a Totoro plush; that definitely added to my liking to this film.

Ending wise, I thought it was quite sad, but exaggerated and slightly predictable... but it was bittersweet. I don't quite know what to make of the ending... it really depends if they decide to make a fourth installment. . . (will be explained in the last paragraph).

Tom Hanks resumes his voice for Woody, Tim Allen for Buzz and Joan Cusack for Jessie.

I thought Jessie was uber-annoying in the second film, and it definitely eased, although the beginning part did have a lot of grating on her part.
OH, and can someone clear this up for me. Isn't Jessie supposed to be Woody's love interest? It seems like Buzz is going in for the kill with his Spanish moves... if only Bo-peep was there... :P

Other voices include Michael Keaton (Ken).

~~~3D or NOT~~~

I thought the 3D effects were pretty rubbish for this movie. I stupidly went and saw Toy Story 1 in 3D when it got re-released and I have to honestly say the effects were the same at best. Don't bother seeing this in 3D. The Pom-Bear advert had better effects than the film.


The film overall was enjoyable in terms of humour and themes, and plot wise it is strong. I wish they didn't have to get rid of most of the retro toys in the first film; that was a bit sad, but the new toys they brought in definitely filled the gaps. Is it wrong for me to still find Lotso Huggin' bear really cute? And it smells of strawberries!!! It really does, I checked it out at Toys R Us.
Anyway... it was a good film overall, but not the amazingness everyone says it to be.

~~~Toy Story 4 or not?~~~

There will be great debate as to whether there should be a fourth film or not. The way they ending this one, I definitely do NOT want them to create a fourth. Whilst it will of course generate more money, there is pretty much no way for them to pull it off well.

They can't NOT feature Woody, Buzz and Co. but it would seem wrong to have them have adventures that aren't about returning to Andy, unless it is like a new generation where Bonnie is now the new owner, which would suck. She is cute, but not enough to replace Andy.

However, if they DID plan to end it with this as its last installment, I would've liked them to all die in the fire furnace. Their unity and friendship really touched me there and I thought, WOW what a great way to end... the closure would've been perfect and it would leave you (by you I mean me) satisfied... please don't hate!
So what do you think?

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  1. haha thanks for the comment, i havent seen toy story three yet but i really liked what you had to say about it, i might check that out. i'll keep updated with you too, hope you enjoy following me :P


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