Sunday, 8 August 2010

Salt Film Review

I saw the trailer for this film when I went to see Inception at the cinema and it really appealed to me. The number of times she said "I am NOT a Russian Spy" in the trailer gives Changeling ("He Is Not My Son") a run for its money.

CIA Agent Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is accused of being a Russian Spy when a Russian walk-in reveals the name of an assassin who will kill the Russian president on his visit to New York: Salt. Evelyn Salt. She is desperate to contact her husband (who is a German arachnologist) but he is unreachable and she goes on the run. Despite her boss being the only one to give the accusations some doubt, her actions prove otherwise, taking out her fellow colleagues and using dangerous and explosive means to escape. Is she or isn't she a Russian spy?

That is the question on your mind as you watch this film. Within ten minutes, Salt is on the run, her escape from the CIA building a tense and exciting scene. For another twenty or so minutes, she runs away, but her unarmed self provides little interest, apart from a few jumps between moving lorries.

The true excitement begins when she dyes her hair black and takes on a whole new persona. Just who is she and what are her motives? Up until the midpoint of this movie, you really begin to feel as if she is an assassin but things gradually get revealed to make you think otherwise, making the movie slightly more predictable, but no less thrilling.

The ending is extremely open and gives rise to a potential sequel, which seems likely as long as this film does well at the cinema. The overall feel of the movie is very "Jason Bourne" and personally I love that aspect about it. Some people criticise it as being a "Bourne wannabe" but surely that is a good thing? Bourne's awesomeness cannot be replicated but surely films stirred in this direction will gurantee to thrill. I personally loved this movie, and the sequel could contain her trying to make things right and clear her name. . . though yes again, very Bourne like!

Angelina Jolie- Evelyn Salt

Also stars Liev Schreiber (Ted Winter, August Diehl and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Angelina Jolie takes the action genre on again as Evelyn Salt and her strong character roles in the past come back. Evelyn Salt is like the offspring of Jason Bourne and Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) and Jolie is to be praised for her stunts, although certain jumps she made wasn't as swift and comfortable on the eye as the Tomb Raider days; it was like she was in a bit of pain.

Nonetheless, Jolie brings a style and persona to this role that crafts a strong female character that has dual motives and can be developed so much more, and we all know Jolie can do it in a sequel.

Simply put, I loved the movie. It was thrilling and exciting and full of suspense until near the end. Yes, it is like Bourne, but so what? The action scenes are tense and extreme and props goes to the writers for being able to put in the word arachnologist (first time I heard this word, EVER). This movie is one of my favourites already!


  1. i really liked the film, but what did you think of it using russian spies? thats quite unusual these days.
    here are my thought on it:

  2. thanks for the comment on
    i'll keep checking up out your blog, and i've just started out but i'll spread the word about this, i like it

  3. The only problem with movies with a plot twist is that once you know the twist it isn’t that interesting to watch again because you already know where everything is going. I think they’re brilliant though for seeing in the theater and I wish I would have had the sense to do that for this one. I am so glad that I can watch TV when I’m camping like I will be tomorrow because not only did I miss the entire season but I can catch up with the reruns. My DISH Network employee tailgaiter is easy to set up and fits my budget which is important to my wife and me.


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