Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Andy Goldsworthy Transcription

I previously blogged about Andy Goldsworthy and his nature art; looking at flora and nature myself for my current art project, I decided to try and create a sculpture in his style and observe the changes it takes over time.

Firstly, I started collecting leaves of different shades of green and of varying sizes before laying them down on the ground. I tried to do it on grass, but due to the size of the leaves, it just wasn't feasable so ground it is...

It was a bit of a struggle to arrange the leaves to begin with but once the basic shape was laid out, you can quite easily mould the whole thing into a circle by pushing at the sides...

I left the sculpture as it was and checked back on it every day to see how it changed- wind, animals, rain and other natural forces had altered the sculpture, before it finally all blew away and returned back to nature.

The idea of letting nature affect/carve/manipulate art is extremely fascinating and I am excited to try more using this theme.

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