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Knight And Day Film Review

I wanted to see this when I first saw the trailer... even that in itself made me laugh more than once so it definitely seemed worth it to see it when it came out.

June Havens (Cameron Diaz) goes on a flight home hoping to get back to her sister's wedding, meeting Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) who shares the flight. Whilst June uses the toilet, Roy kills everyone on the plane and performs a skilled crash landing. Roy drugs June and she wakes up in her own bed.

Hoping to return to her normal life, June attends her sister's fitting, only to be dragged away by "bad guys" Roy warned her about. Without a means of protecting herself, June tags along with Roy, gradually being involved in his mission- not only to sustain their lives, but to protect something of immense value many will kill to obtain.

I was immediately compelled by the film, laughing within minutes of the opening scene. Within fifteen minutes, a plane had already crashed and I plunged into the action comedy of the year. This said, the film progressed in a parabolic shape. The action slowly died down to a lull in the middle and slowly increased again up till the end, which in a way is rather clever. The sheer excitement in the beginning will glue everyone to their seats, so the slight break in action would not be strong enough to propel people out the cinema. If there's going to be a boring bit, let us get it over with.

Explosions, gunmen, assassins and car chases (I lost count) fill this movie, which will appeal to those seeking out action. Comedy wise, I am unsure it is for everyone, but I personally laughed throughout. A meringue of both action and comedy comes in the scene in Spain when the bulls destroy a load of cars. Brutal beasts they are.

At this point, the ending seems inconceivable. I was intrigued as to how the whole thing "ended", but a slight twist; it isn't really a twist, but what happens in the last five minutes round off this film phenomenally in a cyclic way that leaves you feeling more than satisfied, and laughing as you leave the cinema.

Cameron Diaz- June Havens
Tom Cruise- Roy Miller

Also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Jordi Molla and Maggie Grace.

From the opening scene, the two characters' opposing personas are shown. Cameron Diaz does an amazing job playing the role she's most well known for- a funny, strong willed blonde. She is able to recycle not only her hairstyle (she has had this hair for atleast 50% of her movies) but many facial expressions that we can associate with the actress, not limited to the stunned, surprise look where her eyes expand, lips slightly parted and a two second freeze. The comedic actress is perfect for this role and brings comedy into the film.

Tom Cruise on the other hand is well known for his action films (Minority Report, Mission Impossible) and is reunited with Cameron Diaz for the second time; previously they both starred in Vanilla Sky. At 48, Cruise still has what it takes to be an action hero and manages to complete the stunts and fight scenes convincingly.

Although not immediate, the on screen chemistry grows between the pair. Cameron Diaz provides almost all the laughter in this, whilst cruise provides most the action, but both dip into the other's strength to create something spectacular. As seen in the trailer, June Havens does get to be a bit of a femme fatale and that's what gives the film another level of intrigue and excitement. Roy and June become quite a pair; "Bonnie And Clyde" crossed with "Dick And Jane" become Roy and June. When action and comedy come together like this, it is unstoppable.

Knight and Day is pure cinematic gold. The plot is slightly questionable, but when you get Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise to pair up for an action comedy, you can expect nothing but perfection, which is what we get for this movie. I loved both the action scenes and the comedy, laughing my way through, all the way till the end. I don't think I can say anymore, except wonder when this will be out on DVD.

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