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Euphoria- Enrique Iglesias Album Review

Enrique's last English album came out in 2007; with this latest release being a bilingual album, it contains both English and Spanish tracks.

~~~CD COVER~~~
This is my favourite album cover to date. A simple close up shot of Enrique's face, it subtle translates the title of the album, Euphoria well through the orange filter and the rays coming from the top right corner... but does the songs reflect this attractive cover?

This album contains fourteen tracks:
1) I like It (Featuring Pitbull) 3.5/5
The introduction to the song is pretty catchy and definitely sounds like something from Insomniac, which I really liked... However, the Pitbull parts did not add anything to the track whatsoever, and this song would definitely be so much better if it was purely Enrique.

2) One day at a time (Featuring Akon) 2.5/5
The immediate piano start was quite a surprise. I immediately thought, ballad? But quickly Akon's voice declaring "Akon, Enrique" reminded me of the Ciara Enrique duet which had pretty much the same start declaration... and comparatively this is rubbish. The sound of the track is cheesy and sounds very last decade.

3) Heartbeat (Featuring Nicole Scherzinger) 4 /5
This is one of the best songs on the album but definitely not Enrique's best... The song is somewhat catchy, but what is with the whisperings of Nicole Scherzinger? We've had the same problem with Ciara who cannot project her voice, but this is perhaps worse... Overall though, the sound is definitely better than what we've heard so far.

4) Dirty Dancer (Featuring Usher) 3.5/5
Seeing this featuring Usher definitely made me think highly (at least higher) about this song. It is an ok song, but again with the intro declaring "Enrique, Usher" is completely unnecessary. This is pretty average a song, and I am highly surprised and disappointed.

5) Why Not Me 3.5/5
The first Enrique Solo Song is another good song... It is slightly less dancy and electro-pop which a nice change; but it doesn't stand out and it is pretty average.

6) No Me Digas Que No (feat. Wisin & Yandel) 3.5/5
The first Spanish song on the album, "No me Digas Que No" is an upbeat track, and is perhaps the most exciting and best sounding Spanish collaboration on the album. The overall sound is slightly too chirpy and Caribbean sounding to my liking!

7) Ayer 3.5/5
An exciting sound, but doesn't do it for me... It nearly reaches a high at the chorus but misses that explosive sound this album lacks.

8) Cuando Me Enamoro (feat. Juan Luis Guerra) 4/5
This sounds too similar to "No Me Digas Que No" but this is yet another good collaboration in Spanish. It sounds pretty catchy and I think this is one of the few songs on this album that has replay value!

9) Dile Que 3.5/5
Sounding very similar to a song called "Use me Here", "Dile Que" is an acceptable track on the album but again doesn't reach a sound that is really exciting and catchy... It has potential to grow on me.

10) TĂș y Yo 3.5/5
Parts of this song sounds like "Escape" by Enrique... which I cannot help but think about everytime I hear this song... It's not a bad track but again doesn't jump out at me as spectacular.

11) Heartbreaker 4/5
Another soft track which hits it a bit better than the rest, but still misses some OOMPH...

12) Coming Home 4/5
By the twelfth track, we get something that vaguely resembles Enrique at his former glory... This is probably the best track on the album in my opinion... and with a name like "Coming Home" (I have atleast three tracks with similar names) it seems to be a working title!

13) Everything's Gonna be alright 3.5/5
It is a much more dance sounding song but again lacks a special something to make this a big hit... This is only an average track...

14) No Me Digas Que No 4/5
Enrique's solo version of "No Me Digas Que No" is probably the better of the two, although again it doesn't WOW.

TRACKS TO LOVE: Nothing to LOVE on this album, but the most likeable ones are Heartbeat, Why not Me, Coming Home...

Just looking at the tracklist, one would be pretty impressed with the number of collaborations on this album. Ironically, it is these collaborations that bring down this album. The Spanish Collaborations are better than the English ones in my opinion, although most of them do not add any quality to the tracks, and are perhaps for novelty's sake only, which is a great shame.

What is also to note is that this is Enrique's first bilingual album which is exciting, but due to a whole mesh of factors, including the collaborations, this is not a successful release. As his 9th studio album, I hoped "Euphoria" really would be an improvement, but it seems like he has taken a couple of steps back.

Undoubtedly, some people will like this album, but it's a BIG NO from me. The end of the album is much better than the start, but I'll be looking forward to the day he returns to the sound of Insomniac.

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