Monday, 12 July 2010

Clash Of The Titans Film Review

When I first heard of this project, I wasn't entirely interested until I was informed that Gemma Arterton would have a role in it. Thus, I put off seeing it at the cinema and only just managed to watch it now...

The DVD box cover is rather exciting for the film that this is, and features Sam Worthington
as Perseus holding the head of medusa... For a complete noob who lives in a cave and have not heard the plot, they would assume medusa is the evil one that Perseus must kill, but they would be wrong...

The plot is really about Hades trying to manipulate Zeus in letting him have free reign over the humans in order to take over. Zeus reluctantly agrees, believing that Hades would use fear to turn the hearts of humans back to him. Hades threatens to destroy Argos by unleashing the Kraken unless they sacrifice the princess.

Coincidentally, Perseus gets wrapped up in all of this, and being a good looking demi-God (son of Zeus), gets to be the main focus of the film. He is taken through different perils in order to save the day and to defeat Hades, aided by Io (Gemma Arterton), a demi-goddess who has watched over him ever since his birth. He must behead Medusa and use it against the all powerful Kraken before it destroys Argos.

If I had read the plot, I would be pretty intrigued, but watching it with no idea of what will happen, I was rather disappointed. The film started off rather slow and the characters were not developed enough, if at all, throughout the movie. Just under two hours long, I was rather bored by the first half, with the medusa scene mildly awakening.

The ending was extremely predictable and lost its magic. Whilst it could've been amazingly exciting and climatic, the sheer predictability and "seen before" presentation of the end really dissatisfied me, although I was happy at the fate of Gemma Arterton!

That said, it did have some good action sequences and special effects, such as the scorpions, medusa and also the Kraken itself, but not much more.

Sam Worthington- Perseus
Gemma Arterton- Io

Also stars Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Hans Matheson.

The two main characters I would say are Perseus and perhaps Io. Sam Worthington plays Perseus, but rather unconvincingly. He does not really make it his own and any other good looking muscly male actor could've done what he did. I thought his performance was flat and in no scene did I ever go WOW. Gemma Arterton on the other hand was serene and ethereal. She looked stunning in every scene and (I don't know if it was deliberate, but) her hair was different in every scene she was in, which was good; she just kept looking better and better! Note: I might be biased about Gemma.

I approached the film with little or no expectation, but I was surprised at how lack luster it was. Whilst the film showed off good visual effects, the story was not deep enough and was merely a linear adventure film. I did not care for the characters that were introduced and almost none of them were developed. I did feel that too much focus was put onto Perseus, and as it is a Greek story, the themes of Gods interfering with men and so on were not emphasised enough. Overall, there are things to be enjoyed here, but for me, the only thing I did enjoy was Gemma Arterton and the visuals.

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