Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Prince Of Persia Film Review

finally got round to seeing Prince Of Persia at the cinema today (Orange Wednesday, Woo!). Have been following this like mad since I heard it was announced, and that it starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton = cannot miss!

So my thoughts on the plot...

The setting to the whole film is stunning... set in "Persian times", and filmed in Morocco. Interestingly, the main palace area was totally constructed, and it definitely looked stunning, real and genuine. I thought the architecture was phenomenal and whether it was real or not, it definitely added to the cultural aspect to the movie.

The start of the film really gave the introduction it needed and the characters were slowly revealed and introduced, so that those not familiar with the games can understand and enjoy the film. Let's just get that over with. Yes, this is called Prince of Persia and it has taken aspects from the Prince of Persia games but it isn't 100% a story from the game; it has been adapted for film, and therefore, approach it as a standalone film, not a film that is attached to the game in order to avoid disappointment. However, the CGI and visuals do look very game-like, for example, when Dastan jumps off the oil tower or when he's scaling walls and swinging off those poles that conveniently stick out of the wall... Y'all know what I mean.

The story focusses on a street urchin, Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal), who happens to be orphaned, and through an act of courage in front of the king, is adopted as a Prince. Skip fifteen years, and he is off to battle with his brothers, taking over Alamut, disobeying their father's orders. Upon winning, a banquet was held for their father, the King, who is poisoned by the robe Dastan gives him as a present, and thus, must flee, dragging the beautiful Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton), whom he was to be wed with him...

So what has this got to do with the sands of time? Well, along the way, Dastan fights off one of Tamina's guards, who is protecting the "Dagger of time" and takes this dagger, which has mysterious powers to turn back time for a minute. The sands of which it works on is kept in a big "vat" in Alamut, along with the dagger have the dangerous consequences of an Armageddon; Dastan and Tamina must destroy the sword and return it to the Gods before Dastan's evil uncle, Nizam gets hold of it, turns back time to make himself king...

Oh wait... add in a bunch of special effects, "sharp" one liners and Jake exposing his torso and you get this two hour blockbuster that gurantees to please fans of either actor, exciting fight scenes and ostrich racing. What this film doesn't do is provide a satisfactory ending.

With most action adventure films such as this, the end should be where all the exciting explosions and climatic fight scenes happen. On the contrary, the fight scenes all occur in the beginning, leaving the end an anti-climax we all wish didn't exist. If only we had a "dagger of time" we could use to turn back time!

ANOTHER ENDING *spoiler alert*: At the moment when Dastan's brother makes truce with princess Tamina and suggesting in united the two nations through more than just friendship, I was convinced he was going to suggest himself for her to give her hand. THAT would've given cause for an obvious sequel, where Dastan has to fight for her love. They could even re-use that scene of Gemma Arterton scrubbing herself down and in tears. Add some side stories and GCI effects, and you have your sequel. That's what I call killing two birds with one stone.

Nonetheless, this film was full of action and was thoroughly enjoyed, though not so much by my friend who doesn't like snakes (yes, there are quite a few of them in there!). I await to see the inevitable sequels to this, as there is great room for improvement.

The cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton were super. Jake definitely looked the part and managed to pull off the stunts as well as humour against our sassy leading lady, Gemma Arterton, who could not have done a better job (sorry if I'm biased but you will agree on some level!).

Other actors include Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina. But what's better known is that this is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who also produced the Pirates of the Caribbean films, which in some ways this is similar to.

Overall, this has been an exciting wait which reached expectations. The setting and locations are stunning, as are the special effects. The cast hold their own, especially Gemma Arterton, who is constantly gaining momentum in the industry. What lets this one down is the anti-climax, but allows great room for improvement in the sequels we are sure will come. Let's hope Gemma will be in those ones too, eh?

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