Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Nintendo 3DS Look

The Nintendo 3DS was unveiled at the E3 and I have to say I love the exterior colour... it is the same colour as my phone. However, I'm not so sure I'm too fond of the look of the exterior and interior... it is more complex and less minimalistic... however, the features that this console will bring "sound" fantastic.

NOTE: I knew the DSi and the DSXL would be obselete the moment the 3DS was announced. Then again, how long until the 3DS becomes obselete? Will there be a 3DSi or a 3DSXL!? Who knows...

Of course the main feature is the 3D aspect where the screens will provide 3D game play and video viewing without the need of glasses. Also, players can take 3D pictures and 3D videos... From the screenshots we have seen, the images are more clear and sharp, but the depth is missing. I'm sure if I get to handle an actual console, this will come through.

Games penned for the Nintendo 3DS include Animal Crossing, MarioKart, Sims 3 (I HOPE it will be released on normal DS's as well!), Nintendogs, Shin Megami Tensei, Street Fighter and Harvest Moon.

The only problem I see is the widening of the gap between the first gen DS console and the 3DS, soon games can no longer be compatible, unless they make two different versions, one for 3D systems and one for normal systems... who knows what developers will do? But for now, we can relish the fact that this new handheld is going to be "epic".

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