Thursday, 24 June 2010

My AS Level Art Exhibition

So I finished another year of art, and this year's work is definitely a step up from GCSE- MILES better!!! It's great to see all the work on display at once and the progression the projects have taken... Below are some images from both projects, but to see all of it, please click here.

PROJECT 1: 21st Century London
I focussed on architecture for this project, mainly reflections off buildings, especially the Gherkin. I loved the way the shapes are distorted ever so slightly and brought these forms throughout the project. Having looked at Mary Martin, I was inspired to build upwards into a relief and using the colour scheme of Fred Kennet.

EXAM PROJECT: Rhythms and Cycles
I decided to look at Destruction and Reconstruction as a cycle, so started off by destroying different objects such as glass and CDS mechanically, as well as chemically, by burning as well. I took those further having drawn them by distorting with plastics and working with silk screen to produce a final result that combines layered silk screen prints, burning and suspended CD fragments, which have been inspired by the works of Alberto Burri and Cornelia Parker.

To see my GCSE project, click here. For other works and photography, click here.

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